Wedding Weather Woes… Wedding TipsBG Blog Summer
Warmer weather is finally here!  We were excited for it, remember?  But now that spring has finally made her appearance (starting with some summer like days!), we are remembering the mugginess that spring and summer can bring and are worrying about how the weather may wreak havoc on our big day.  Have no fear; weddings have been going on in muggy weather for years, and have gone beautifully. Should humidity make an appearance on your wedding day, it will be just as beautiful!  But here are just a few tips to help make your spring/summer wedding day worry free:
Curly haired girls: You know the humidity is going to inflate the curls, so don’t go for an elaborate down-do, or attempt a straightening (unless your stylist is a master with an anti-humectant that can hold up through 13 hours of preparation, photos, vows and dancing!).  Opt for a pulled back style instead and use a hairspray formulated to work in the heat.
Straight haired girls: Don’t attempt a curly do!  Again, the heat and humidity with deflate curls, so go for a sleek down look, half up, or all up.  Smooth it with hairspray and adorn as you choose – with a veil or hair adornments.
Select flowers that hold up well in humidity!  Peonies and lillies of the valley are beautiful, but don’t hold up well in the heat.  Ditto for liseanthus, daffodils and tulips.  Red roses, daisies, sunflowers and calla lillies will hold up great, even when not able to stay in water.  This doesn’t mean you can’t use the more delicate flowers at all, just use them more sparingly.  Keep the more delicate flowers in just the bride’s bouquet, and always have a vase of water nearby.
For your groom and groomsmen, opt for a fitted vest and pants instead of full tux.  It will look just as formal, be much more comfortable and still take great photos.   You can even go one step further, and have just the groom in a vest, other groomsmen in button down and ties with suspenders.  Formal, fun, and heat friendly.
For the bride and bridesmaids, opt for fabrics that can breathe.  The styles for spring and summer weddings today are gorgeous, and do not need a lot of heavy beading to make them formal (remember, you will be carrying a bouquet, including hair adornment, and accessorizing with jewelry).  A breezy yellow gown for your bridesmaids will look summery yet elegant, and will allow them to stay cool.  For wedding gowns, your choices are endless!  When destination weddings became popular, designers were forced to start creating lighter gowns, creating a whole line of gowns that are open for all brides to choose from, not just those taking their vows on a beach. Shorter styles and feather weight fabrics abound for you to choose from.  If you select a full length gown, just be sure it is not too heavy and fits properly; a heavy strapless gown that you have to keep hoisting up with grate on your nerves throughout the day.
Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  While mimosas during getting ready is fun, it can take it’s toll come photo and vow time.  Make sure to switch off every other drink for some water, and eat something light that morning too; some fruit and cheese with some crackers will still sit well on a nervous stomach, and you will thank yourself later.