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As a wedding photographer I see all kinds of fun gifts for grooms and groomsmen. I see a bunch for bridesmaids too. However, I always find myself drawn to the items that are typically geared towards men. It started making me wonder: why is that. Why do they have to be specific types of gifts that we give our bridesmaids versus a groomsman. And you can have bride’s guys and groom’s ladies of course. I usually just refer to everyone as the wedding party because it doesn’t have to be gender specific. (But I digress.) When I had the opportunity to test out one of the awesome products from Groovy Guy Gifts, I knew I wanted to get my hands on something I would find useful and cool! And it would make the perfect wedding party gift.

I chose their super cool pocket called the Renegade Blade. I was even able to have it engraved with my name – Awesome!! How cool would it be shooting a wedding and see gifts like this given to women as well. Who wouldn’t want a cool pocket knife?

This Renegade Blade knife sold by Groovy Guy Gifts is 4.5 inches when closed with a 3.2 inch stainless steel blade. The handle is made of aluminum and one side has a wood overlay. The wooden side is the side you can have engraved. The knife fits my hand (a woman’s hand) nicely and has a belt clip. Not that I see myself wearing it, but if I am out hiking and think I may need it quickly maybe I would! So it’s nice that it offers that convenience. It feels a little stiff opening and closing it but I am sure after some use it will ease up.

As regular travelers, I definitely know I will be taking this with us on our next RV trip! So if you want to get that someone special in your life a cool personalized gift, or if you are looking for some great gifts for your groomsmen AND/OR bridesmaids, this could be the perfect gift.

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