With wedding season in full swing, I thought it would be a good idea to put in writing just a few Wedding Day Do’s (and Don’ts!) for our upcoming brides & grooms (and their guests and bridal parties!).  Some of these you may have heard before, some you may not…

Don’t –

…Use a face lotion, night cream or make-up you haven’t used before.  This is not the day to get a weird allergic reaction!  Stick to the make-up and lotions you use every day, or the ones you used during your make-up trial.

…Create a timeline that is too tight – Nothing ruins a wedding day morning than scrambling for hair to get done and shoving bridesmaids in dresses too quickly.  Work on a timeline with your photographer that will give you time to get all of your photos (pre and post) done in a timely manner, not rushed.  This means you need to start working on your photo list early, listing out the photos you want with your bridal party, family, and only each other.  Create a timeline that divies these up before and after the ceremony in a relaxed manner.  Then be real about how long everything else is going to take.  Have a challenging hair style you are wearing that day?  Allot the proper amount of time for it, not the standard 45 minutes you ‘think’ it will take.  Same goes for make up and getting dressed (a button up back can take 15 minutes to complete, a corset takes 20 minutes to be sutured properly, bow ties take between 10-15 minutes to tie properly, shoes can take awhile to get on, etc.)  Put eating breakfast and drinking water into that timeline too!

 …Get drunk – This one should go with out saying…but it doesn’t…and it goes for the night before too. You have planned this day for how many months? Do you really want to wake up with a screaming headache and a dragging body? Don’t do it to yourself. Stay sober and enjoy the getting ready, as well as the full wedding day. This one goes for all bridal party too. Clergy don’t enjoy an inebreated bridesmaid or groomsman at the altar…and kicking them out of the party at the time of the ceremony is awkward (just trust me on this one).


…Break in your shoes!  Sore feet are sure to put a cramp in your day, so start walking around your house in those shoes about an hour a day for two weeks prior to your big day.  Also make note if they are slippery.  If so, head to your nearest shoe store and get some shoe-grips for the bottoms.

…Say no to last minute requests – Inevitably, somebody (a guest, a parent, a party member) is going to throw a curve ball at you with a last minute request for a seat change, timeline change, etc.  Just say no.  You’ve worked on this and a last minute change will make you crazy.  Blame it on the caterer being unable to make those changes, the wedding planner saying you have to stick to the schedule, whatever.  But just say no (and feel no guilt about it!).

…Get some sleep!  Even if you don’t have to start getting ready until noon, you need a full nights sleep.  So, make arrangements for this – get to your home/hotel room at a decent time, arrange to have a friend stay with you OR to have the room to yourself – whatever you need to do to set yourself up for a good night sleep.

 …Lay out everything you will need – Brides- jewelry, stockings, shoes, hair jewelry/head piece and styling products; Grooms – cufflinks, bow tie, socks – have them all out and accessible so you can go to sleep knowing you have everything you need at the tips of your fingers.

…Let go…just a little.  You may wake up the morning of your wedding to rain instead of sun, a hung over bridesmaid or a drama filled bridal party member.  Decide off the bat that nothing is going to ruin your day.  Some of the most fun photos are taken in the rain, your hung over bridesmaid will get some coffee in her and the drama filled bridal party member will pull herself together if nobody pays attention.

…Arrange for food to be at your home/hotel room when you get there after the wedding.  Your wedding day goes so quickly, and even if you get to eat dinner, by the time the night is over and you return to your home/hotel room, chances are good you will be hungry.  Arrange to have a platter of sandwiches or a basket full of snacks available for you to munch on before you head to bed (don’t forget some water!).

…Remember what this day is all about.  You’re getting married.  Today is the day you will officially start your life together.  Don’t let petty things take your focus.  Take in every moment and have FUN!

Al & Cat