BG Wedding Advice ||Brides & Grooms – Your April To-Do List Is Here! ||

So March came in AND went out like a lion (Mother Nature is really taking her time with spring, isn’t she?!), and now April is here, which officially starts wedding season.  Any wedding professional will tell you that April starts the wedding flood, as most evenings are booked with final planning meetings and weekends are booked with weddings. If you are a soon to be bride or groom, you may also begin feeling the pressure of a rapidly approaching wedding date about now, and you may also be feeling the flood of wedding questions, final plans and stresses.  Because your stress is going up, and your wedding professionals availability is going down, you may find it difficult to get a hold of your wedding professionals, which is sure to cause your stress to skyrocket even more. So, here is a small to do list/guide to follow to keep communication effective with your wedding professionals as their time gets tighter and tighter.
Email everything together.  Many brides and grooms send emails as a question hits their mind, afraid they may forget if they wait.  Too often as brides and grooms, our heads are going so quickly that we fire off an email, then remember another question, and fire off another.  Don’t do this!  A flood of emails will be confusing to a vendor, as they wonder which ones they have responded to and which ones they have not. As questions come up (about when final payments are due, final counts are due, or when lists are needed, etc), put them all in the same email.  Start an email with your questions and save it to draft, and then add to it throughout the day as you remember other questions.  Hit ‘send’ when you think you’ve got it all down. This will allow your vendors to see all of your questions at one time and answer everything together, instead of getting things in bits and pieces.
Finalize all of your final appointments.  Even if your wedding isn’t until fall (aka, you feel like you have time), finalize the date for your final walk through, dress/tux or suit fitting, and hair and make-up trial NOW.  If you are hiring your own officiant, finalize a date to review your final ceremony.  Get all of these things in the book now so you will be sure to have a time that works for both you and your vendor, sparing yourself scrambling for a time later.
Decide on the ‘smaller things’ now.  Many times couples wait to see what their budget looks like as the wedding date gets closer to see if they can afford the little personalized extras, like favors, calligraphy on place cards or invitations, personalized runner, etc.  Don’t wait!  A calligrapher is going to need time to write on all items, and anything special ordered or personalized is going to take time as well.  If you wait and place an order later, you will most likely end up with a rush fee that you did not expect.
Make your rain plan.  April is going to be a rainy month, making your head go there anyway. So, tackle this thought and spare yourself the stress.  If your ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner are outdoors, decide what your rain plan is (and make sure it is one you like. Too often couples make a rain plan just to have it done, but don’t actually think it will rain on their wedding day and end up having their ceremony in a space they hate.  Take some time to make this plan something you will be happy with).  And, even if your wedding is indoors, you need a rain plan. Decide if you will get dressed at the church/wedding site instead of traveling in your gown, if you will have your hair & make-up team meet you later to fix any rain oopsies, and where your photos will be.
Enjoy the planning!  It will be over so quickly and you will want to look back and smile.
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