WedAward Contest Winner

International Wedding Photography Award 2016

Wedaward Contest Winner International Wedding Photography Award

cathie berrey-green wedaward contest winner


We are so happy to announce that BG Production’s very own Cathie Berrey-Green (We’re all friends here, you all know her as Cat, Cathie or the cool photo goddess with the pink hair who is so fun to have your photo taken by) is a Wedaward contest winner!! The Wedawards in an International wedding photography award. And Cathie’s and BG Productions photograph is included in the list of winners for their 12 collection. See the whole collection here where Cathie’s image is shown alongside other amazing photographers from around the globe. The winning photograph is this one of Jess and Shawn at their gorgeous Rose Bank Winery wedding in Newtown, PA. See more of their beautiful wedding by BG Productions here.

Wedaward contest winner international wedding photography award BG Productions

Jess and Shawn share a kiss- vintage style! They were married in a vineyard outside of Philadelphia this Summer and have a love of all things vintage.

Let’s give Jess and Shawn some credit too for being a part of the BG family and being so awesome on their wedding day. I mean, Wow! Talk about the most perfect weather and location for an outdoor wedding. We captured some amazing Rose Bank Winery wedding photos of Jess and Shawn on June 24 of this year!!! Their go with the flow attitude and Absolute Love for each other made for some pretty great photos and video. Add in a fun and easy to work with wedding party, and TONS of amazing emotional moments through out the day and we have a Perfect wedding to capture! Their ceremony was so personal. Truly spoken from the heart, they both said so many sweet things! And that blue sky with fluffy white clouds above the grape vines is the Perfect ceremony backdrop.