Union Trust Wedding||Love is in the air || Nicolle + Kevin ||BG Productions

A beautiful chocolate lab named Bubbs brought this adorable couple together! And he looked dapper for his portraits!

We had a blast celebrating Nicolle and Kevin’s Big Day!! It may have been a little chillier than we had hoped, but these two didn’t seem to notice! We started the day capturing Kevin and his groomsman getting ready at the Omni in Old City before heading a couple blocks to their apartment where Nicolle and her girls were getting ready thanks to the fabulous team at Mack. And of course Bubbs!! Their ceremony was at St. Augustine on 5th and New and is such a beautiful church. and of course Nicolle looked AMAZING walking down the aisle! And Kevin- well- he looked AMAZING!! I mean- really how cute are these two!!

Before getting the party going- we stopped off for some photos at Race Street Pier and then to the couples neighborhood by Elfreth’s Alley and the Fireman’s Museum.

It was a non stop dance party at their Union Trust Reception thanks to the great staff at Finely Catering and Funktion 11.  I don’t know the last time we shot a wedding that the couple danced sooo much! and SO WELL!! We had so much fun!!!

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