As part of our BG Bully Breed Project we occasionally will be sharing info and articles that will help end Breed discrimination and in this case we want to highlight a company that is doing it RIGHT!!!

Having trouble getting insurance b/c you have a Pit bull? Call Jennifer!!

Most people thinking of rescuing a dog are more focused on the big brown eyes and floppy ears than the fact it might affect their home insurance.   Most home insurance companies do not like dogs and it’s understandable. Dog bites accounted for more than one third of all homeowners claims in 2013 costing more than $483 million dollars and most injuries were to children. Many insurance companies will not write certain breeds of dogs they deem dangerous, such as pit bulls.

My agency, Jen Gregorski Farmers Insurance Agency, is trying to let dog owners of all breeds know that Farmers loves dogs. We do not discriminate against any breed of dog and even sell pet insurance to help you keep your buddies healthy. We understand that it’s not the breed that is the problem but often times the lack of training for that animal that often leads to problems with the dogs. Ultimately it’s the owner responsibility to train and control their dog’s behavior whether it’s a Pit Bull or tea cup Yorkie.

As Voltair and Uncle Ben of Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Whether you are adopting a child or a dog it’s important to remember that those teeth can hurt. If your dog has bitten someone many companies will drop your insurance. This is another area that Farmers is different. We essentially give you one bite but even if you are coming from another insurance company because you have had a dog bite issue, we are able to exclude the dog but still insure your home.

For more information on the insurance company that wants to see all dogs find their forever home, please visit my website, or call me at 866-671-8993.

and Meet the Adorable TOOK!! One of Bella’s BFFS!!!

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