Flat World Presents New Travel Blog

Our Philadelphia-based photo and video productions company is so pleased to announce the release of our new Flat World Travel Blog! All year long, we are super busy shooting photographs and creating video work for events, commercial purposes and weddings. We also LOVE to take on travel work. Any type of corporate work that we do in our home base of Philly, we can do anywhere around the globe. So if you are not local to us in the Northeast US, we are happy to come to where ever you are to provide our services.

Whenever we travel for work, we are always taking tons of photos along the way and video highlighting our trips. Long overdue, we have finally created a travel blog to showcase our photo and video work on-the-go. One of our most recent trips: taking heed to “Go West” photos are featured on the new travel blog. We’re showing you our video as well because the National Parks Turns 100 years old this year! Happy birthday National Parks, we are so happy we could celebrate your 100th year with you!

This is a blog you will really want to add to your bookmarks and check back on it regularly to see some really cool blog posts about travel all over the world:


Flat World Media Productions provides high quality video and photography services to the travel industry. We specialize in serving excursion, tour and adventure travel companies. We are available to travel to any destination in the world. Our work has been featured by cruise lines, tour companies, travel agencies and blogs. We were blessed to work with AmaWaterways to capture the true spirit of their Vietnam, Cambodia Mekong River tour, see all about that work here. This spring, we had a corporate photography shoot with Wharton Business School which brought us to Toronto. Where will our next travel assignment send us? We can’t wait to see!

See some examples of our travel photography here.

On August 25, 2016 the national parks service turned 100. So we rented an RV to explore and document Americas beauty

Photos are their own special way to show an experience of travel. But video is its own masterpiece and can show a new place in real time. A combination of the two will make you feel like you are really there even if you have never been before.

Since our trip west was our most recent road trip, we will be highlighting that blog post today. This video shows some of the amazing places we visited and a glimpse of the wildlife in their natural habitats. We got pretty close to black bears, snakes and buffalo just to name a few. For the less-daring you can happily sit in the comfort of your own home but get up close and personal with these creatures when you watch our video. It’s also a bit of a behind the scene peek at how we work. You will see Flat World’s very own Cathie getting those awesome shots.


Some of the breath-taking locations we visited are The National Grasslands, The Badlands National Park, Scenic South Dakota, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. When visiting the parks remember to be aware of the wild life.

Here are a few of the beautiful photos from this trip. There are tons of photos that exist out there of these same locations. But we can guarantee you won’t see any photos anywhere else just like these. Because our vision and style make for unique images that just can’t be replicated. See more of the photos and read all about the trip here and you will even see a link to purchase photos you love!

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Crazy horse monument jumping photos national parks turns 100

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