Took is TOO CUTE || Philadelphia Pet Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

I LOVE Dogs!! I mean I really really LOVE them!! We were so excited when our kick ass insurance agent, Jennifer  , emailed about waiting to do a pet session with her french bulldog Took!! Well we Love Took. Took and Bella are Total BFF’s (but i am feeling more like girlfriend/boyfriend lately!!) We were filming Jennifer’s Video Profile (with our corporate side, Flatworld Media Productions) and set up Took’s shoot for the same day. It turned out to be raining and so we moved his shoot to their house. At first it was a bummer we thought- but really I think it went even Better!! Took has A LOT of energy so Bella came to wear him out so he would be easier to photograph. It worked liked a charm (and wore Bella out as well!!) Took did a fantastic job wearing his tie and goggles and then sitting on his chaise lounge!! We hope you enjoy…..