We know everyone wants the digital files from their wedding, of course. Half the fun of having a good photo of yourself is to see how many likes it will get on Facebook!  But what happens to all of the pictures we’ve archived on Facebook when the next big social media platform comes around?  What happens when your tiny USB of pictures gets lost when you move in to your new house?

I don’t have many photographs of my grandparents from when they were young; I sort of always imagined that my grandfather had a gray beard and a belly.  After he passed away we were going through his house and found a 5×7 framed print of my grandparents on their wedding day – it wasn’t a formal portrait either.  It was more like a snapshot that some one grabbed in the limo.  I can’t put into words how handsome my grandfather looked and how the striking beauty I say in my grandmother.

Deciding to invest in am album, is the same as investing in the future generations of your family.  It becomes an artifact that tells the story of your wedding day – a highlight of the best 60-65 moments of the day all in one place. I want you to open your wedding album and laugh at the funny face you made before cutting the cake, or get tears in your eyes as you relive reciting your vows.

For some couples, we know that adding an album is out of their budget.  You can always come back later and decide to purchase an album.  Or, you can decide on a few wall pieces to hang in important places in your home.  Private places, like the bedroom so you will wake up and be reminded of you wedding day, or more prominent places like the living room so you can share your happy moments with any visitors you might have.  A canvas or metal print is a great way to economically preserve your wedding memories for years to come.

After our last vacation in Africa, we’ve run out of wall space to hang our photographs!  Our whole house is FILLED with photos! Some are just 4×6 hung with clothes pins on a piece of twine- but at least 50 are framed or large canvas wraps!! I know to some this may just be too many!! But i just LOVE being able to go into every room of our house and see a living history of the life Al and I have built together. We really try and travel as often as we can and seeing this images daily reminds me what a great world we live in and how much fun and beauty we have on our adventures!

Now we don’t expect everyone to have as many photos hanging up in their house as we do- but doesn’t your wedding and other special moments we capture deserve at least some wall space!!

We would LOVE your input to help out our BG family- Were you unsure of adding products to your wedding package?  How often do you look back at your album?  Please share your comments!  We love to hear from you!

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