So, a previous post focused on the duties of the bridesmaids, specifically how to make a Bridal Shower stellar instead of snore.  Now, on to a topic that is still a duty of the bridesmaids, but is sometimes a bit more looked forward to…the BACHELORETTE PARTY!  This is the time to let your hair down (no worries about keeping a dress wrinkle free or make-up in check) and enjoy, celebrating the soon to be wed and the friendship you share.  Like many things, we have seen this tradition take several turns, and while a night out on the town drinking still is the celebration of choice for some, others are looking for something else to do (especially with so many bridal parties incorporating those who are under 21, and would be left out if the party consisted only of limo’s and bars).  Luckily, Philly has a TON of options for a group of friends to do together, no age of 21 required.
Zip Lining.
Yep, you read that right. If your bride enjoys being active, you are in the right state.  Pennsylvania has some of the best zip line adventure courses, and most are within a 2 hour drive of Philadelphia.  Hershey, Pa offers The Odyssey, described as the best adult jungle gym you’ve ever seen.  Consisting of rope obstacles and climbing, finished by a zip line.  The Odyssey also offers paintball or kayaking, and if you are looking for a little pampering, stay for the night at The Hershey Hotel and treat yourself to a spa after your adventure!
Refreshing Mountain is another option, and has overnight accommodations as well.  This is a faith based organization, and part of every purchased package is donated to charity.
Adventure Rafting is another option, and probably the best one for the true thrill seeker.  Located in the Pocono Mountains, this location offers paintball and river rafting, along with zip lining.  Choose just one or tackle all 3!  (extra points goes to the bachelorette party who paintballs in old bridesmaids dresses!)
Not totally into the idea of ziplining or adventure rafting?  Take it down a notch and do a Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt!  This is an even better idea if your bridal party is coming from out of town, as you will get to show them the town at the same time!  Watson Adventure Tours hosts an array of Philadelphia Scavenger hunt tours; The Secrets of Old Philadelphia, and The Murder at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt, just to give you an idea!  Break your bridal party into teams and just follow directions!  Even if you don’t win you, you just got a fantastic tour through Philadelphia! (if you have a tour that is big enough, ask them if they can make it ‘wedding theme’, including stops at Philadelphia bakeries, wedding shops and churches!).
Sunset Cruise –
While you don’t always link the words “Philadelphia” and “Cruise,” you can!  The Spirit of Philadelphia has packages for groups, which include dinner and drink packages.  Make some memories dancing the night away with the amazing backdrop of the Philadelphia sky line.
Comedy Club –
Again, Philadelphia has a plethora of these.  Helium Comedy Club, Comedy Explosion (in Phoenixville) and Comedy Cabaret (in Doylestown), just to name a few.  What better way to celebrate your friends impending nuptials but to laugh the night away?  Not to mention that any comedian is SURE to put a spot light on the soon to be bride at some point (who doesn’t love to improv with a soon to be bride?!), making this a definite night to remember!
Kind of want to do the limo-and-bar thing, but want to put a new twist on it:  How about attending the Bye Bye Liver play?  It’s an interactive play, two parts comedic play, one part drinking games (though people are free to drink along with whatever they choose, they don’t have to partake in alcohol!).  This hysterical play has been a favorite for years.
Whatever you do, remember to enjoy!!!  And if you have any other suggestions, please tell us about them!