Photo Booths are blowing up these days – it’s rare to go to an event without one.  Now you can not only find your photographer and videographer at BG Productions, but you can rent your photo booth as well!

The BG Booth is a great addition to any wedding or party because ours is a little different than others we’ve seen.  We have a photographer with the booth at all times who is actually taking the pictures.  We thought about having something more automated, but something that is really important to us and our business is a personal touch. Having our clients and guests interacting with a button instead of a person just didn’t mesh with our philosophy.

A photographer operating the booth insures that each picture will be in focus and it gives you more options for your pictures.  A lot of friends and family can squish into the booth because the photographer can move and adjust to make sure that everyone will fit!  It also means we aren’t locked into shooting portrait or landscapes.  It really just makes our booth a lot more versatile.

A photo booth is a fun activity at your wedding for your guests.  Guests can enjoy posing with props between courses and before dancing really gets started.  It also provides a break between dancing for your guests.  The pictures from the booth are available online the week after your wedding and are available for  you and your guests to download web-ready images at no charge.  We know how much you want to see pictures after the wedding and this way you’ll be able to enjoy them right away!

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