If I were to move somewhere I think it would be Santa Fe! What a gorgeous town. I love all the mountains and high desert. I Love that people stick with the natural environment when building structures- hence the adobe look. I love that the air quality has a very high rating and I love all the different artists there are! We had such a wonderful mix of good food, city life, great conversation, and beautiful nature!

We started our adventure here by checking into our KOA- I love that it is all nestled in the cedar trees- they smell AMAZING!!!  We then went into the center of town- The Plaza -and explored all around- we saw all these fabulous old churches- and they looked even better with the bright blue sky! We came upon the Loretto and there was a tree (I think a Cherry Blossom) with all these rosaries hanging from it. which made for some really cool shots. We tried to stop at this cool local place to get free wifi but it was closed (It was Easter after all). So we ended up in the Starbucks- guess they really don’t close- lol!!! this gave us a chance to upload some of the photos and Al’s first video. Make sure you check it out….all the internet at the campgrounds is veryyyyyy slow and has a limited bandwidth. So we take advantage of what we can get!

We had dinner at La Fonda- I had read great reviews for it before we left Philly and it certainly didn’t let us down. The table side guacamole that was prepared was to Die for!!! I shared some of Al’s fajita and had a much needed salad. Afterwards we rescued Bella from the RV and walked around town.  We settled back into our campground and just did some star gazing and chilling for the night.

Monday was really fun- I got to see an old friend -Sara Jane- and meet her partner Jeremy.  They wrote and our producing an opera on Emma Goldman- I am so sad not to get to see it, but am hoping they share some small clips on Vimeo and Facebook! It was great catching up and learning what she has been up to- she is a clown with Wise Fool (which I already knew)- but how COOL is that!!!!  and Jeremy- OMG- we LOVED him!! He is from Cleveland and has played in the bar my brother works at (Edisons). He is a riot!!!! It was so great to see her and to see how happy she is! We had a wonderful breakfast- but it was just too short a visit! (I am looking forward to getting to spend two days in Colorado with friends from the same group).

We left town and went to see some Pueblos at Bandelier National Monument. So freaking cool!!! It is so wild to see different cultures and how they lived. How did they all fit in those tiny houses! All those brick squares were rooms! Its also fun talking to all the other people traveling and find out where they are from and where they are going. There is always such camaraderie on the road! It started to rain and we had all our equipment with us- so we didn’t linger too long- until we saw that cute little squirrel eating in the tree!!!! She just had to film that!!!!

We parked again in the RV parking lot at the Plaza- took a little siesta, played with Bella and had Fabulous Pizza at Upper Crust. As a mater of fact I am munching on a left over slice right now!! YUM!

Make sure to click this link to see the Awesomely fun video for Roswell and Carlsbad!!!! A MUST SEE!!!

See ya on the next installment- Petrified forest, more of Rt. 66 and the Grand Canyon Railway!!!! So stay tuned- good stuff to come!

Goodnight from Santa Fe…….