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tattooed brides and grooms philadelphia alternative couples

You know us, at BG Productions Photography & Videography we love everything unique, creative, off-beat, alternative and anything different than the “norm” (BTW, what is that?? Normal, never heard of it). We want to take a moment to say “you-go-girl (or guy!)” and celebrate our tattooed brides and grooms and Philadelphia alternative couples who have cool body art and show it off on their wedding days. After all, it’s hot out there now that it’s summer time and we’re looking forward to seeing more skin and what ink our future couples have hiding on those arms, backs, legs, chests, the list could go on and on.

Have you ever felt like you needed to cover up your tattoos because it wasn’t “acceptable”? Not everyone understands or agrees with tattoo culture. Maybe when you were planning your own wedding (or maybe you’re going through this now) you received a shaming about your tattoos or a family member suggested you wear long sleeves to cover up your ink. I remember when my mother first saw my shoulder-to-shoulder chest tattoo after a gasp and confused look on her face she asked, “What will you do on your wedding day?” And I quickly replied, “I will wear something that makes me look and feel great. My tattoo doesn’t change that.” (Although I was 18 years old so I probably had a bit more of an attitude with my response that I conveniently don’t remember.)

octopus tattoo cool tatooes at weddings

So what can you do if you’re feeling unsure about your tattoos and maybe not so confident in flaunting them because Aunt May might not like it? You can stand firm on your beliefs about YOUR own body and YOUR day. You can get your partners support and encouragement. Both my partner and I have tattoos, love them and continue to get new ones. Maybe your disapproving family member dislikes the idea of visible tattoos at a wedding because they can’t imagine it. Try showing them photos or sketches of what you’re envisioning and when they see how beautiful it is, changes are they will hop on board. The most important thing is to be yourself and be proud!

We’ve dug through our archives and found some BG examples of FABULOUS tattooed brides, a groom and some bridal party! Enjoy and check out their original blog posts under the photos!


Megan and brian show your tattoos on your wedding day

wrist tattoos on bride wedding day show your ink

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tattooed brides and grooms show your ink

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tattooed brides and grooms philadelphia alternative couples

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BG Productions blog post tattooed brides

This last photo is of BG Productions own second shooter and online marketing team member Melanie, shot by Ellen Rose Photography