Strong Mansion Wedding || Maryland Wedding Photographer || BG Productions

What an Awesome place for a wedding!! Strong Mansion at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland was such a gorgeous place to capture Carolyn and Alex’s BIG day!! They had a traditional western ceremony followed by a Tea Ceremony. We LOVE capture such unique weddings- especially when the couple is as cool and sweet as these two and of course big fans of doctor Who!!! I mean whats not to love!!!

We started our day with a “first-see” of just the couple. We wandered the beautiful grounds. Afterwards time was a little tight for the bridal party photos but we were still able to have a lot f fun with them!!! I jsut loved the back drop of their ceremony with them on the steps and their guests around the pond area- which was then used for cocktail hour! It was here that we witnessed the MOST epic game of giant Jenga!!! What a great idea!! In fact all the little touches Carolyn and Alex did brought the whole feel and look of the day together!! What an Awesome wedding!! We are so thrilled we got to be a part of it all!! So enjoy a sneak peak into their day!

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