Stand Up Against Hate. It’s not just where you spend your money……

One week ago today Heather Heyer lost her life standing up against Hate. Like many others, she attended a counter protest against Nazis, White Supremacy, and the KKK in Charlottesville Virginia. She had been taught to stand up for what she believed in and what she felt was right. And she knew in her heart that having Nazis and white supremacist marching and chanting hate and calling for white supremacy was not something she could stand by and do nothing about. Especially after the night before, when an angry mob marched on the University of Virginia carrying torches and chanting angrily “You/Jews will not replace us”. She was standing up against hate.

Last Saturday, Heather and many others came armed with love and chants. Her opposition came armed with hate and rifles, semi automatic weapons, knives and many in military style. One young man came armed with his automobile. He chose to use it to drive through a crowd as they marched through the street. That day 19 people were injured and Heather Heyer lost her life. As well as two officers who died in a helicopter crash.

As many of us watched the news in horror, the official stance in the White House with there was violence on both sides. On both sides. Only one side came with guns, hate and a deadly vehicle. The other side standing up AGAINST Nazis. Nazis!!! Like my grandfather who fought in Nazi Germany before her, Heather knew that this could never be allowed to happen again. Especially not here! The President chose not to honor Heather and those who are against hate. Instead he chose to blame them. Put them on the same level as KKK, Nazi marching White Supremacists.

I have dedicated my life to fighting for social justice issues. I have marched and protested the KKK several times since my early 20’s. In NC, SC and even my Northern home state of Ohio where I was born. (My moms entire family, including my brother were born south of the Mason-Dixon line- most in VA.) As Al and I watched the news I was crying. Crying for what this all represented, crying for the loss of Heather’s life. And crying because I knew my own mother was thinking how glad she was I wasn’t there…this time. Because she knew how easily we could have been. She knows how active Al and I have been fighting injustice and often filming the various protests, marches and rallies and sharing our imagery.

BG Productions Photography and Videography and our Corporate side Flat World Media Productions has ALWAYS taken a strong stance on Marriage Equality and Black Lives Matter. Not in exclusion that all other lives matter too, but to highlight the specific threats Al and every African America faces EVERY DAY. As well as other social justice and environmental issues. Our belief is in putting PEOPLE OVER PROFTS.

We donate our time, services and money to a variety of causes and offer a military discount in honor of those who dedicate their lives to protecting this country. We try to buy from local small businesses, buy products made in America and watch our carbon footprint. We’ll try to work with our clients on pricing, building packages for what they need and not charging more than we feel we need to be able to make a living and run a successful business.

We do not stand with hate and injustice. We chose to spend our money with businesses and companies who we feel align with creating a better world. That until everyone is treated equally, only then will America Be Great.

Because the President is not willing to take a strong stand against Nazis and white supremacist marching through the streets, many individuals, organizations, and corporations have pulled away from working with him. Non Profits are pulling their events from Mar-Largo. He has had to cancel his various councils because too many were pulling out. One late night talk show host said it was a sad day when Corporations are being our “Moral Compass” because our President can not be.

This is ironic given that corporations are often behind the push for deregulations this Administration is making policy that only hurt our workers, our environment, and our county in the long run. However we are glad they are willing to take a stance. Even they have a line that can not be crossed. Turns out that line is not coming out Strong Against Nazis. I can’t believe I even have to type that! We believe small businesses should be making public statements as well.

Over the last week we have noticed how many other business owners we know have not even mentioned what happened in Charlottesville on their social media. Many not even on their personal pages. We know some believe you never discuss your political views and don’t believe using social media is the best outlet. And we believe everyone has that right. However we take the opposite stance. Silence is Compliance. Until we are willing to take risks, especially as white people, and stand up to this kind of bigotry- systemic Racism and anti Semitism is never going to go away. We have to be better allies and create a more equal and just world and that is never going to happen if we stay silent.

We are going to stand up against hate, and hope you join us. It’s not just where you spend your money…… We want to let everyone know that we will Not be taking any inquires for any Trump properties. To us it’s not just where we spend our money but where we earn our money as well. Al and I, as well as the BG Team, hope you too will Actively Stand against White Supremacy.

These photos are from a vigil on Saturday evening and the Philadelphia is Charlottesville rally.

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC BG Productions activism photographer

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC stand up against hate

We must take sides trump violence on both sides

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC BG Productions

black lives matter signs at Philadelphia vigil for Charlottesville BG Productions philadelphia photographer

Stand up against hate. It's not just where you spend your money

POWER sign philadelphia organized to witness empower rebuild

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC BG Productions activist photographer

United we stand sign at charlottesville vigil in Philadelphia photographer BG Productions

Children stand up against hate teach your children not to hate

Youre either not ok with nazis or youre wrong sign at vigil

Philadelphia vigil for charlottesville NC

Stand Up Against Hate Philadelphia is charlottesville march photography