Same Photo & Video Team / New Adventures

Can you believe we have been in business as BG Productions Photography and Videography for 11 years!! So many amazing weddings (+ other amazing photo sessions as well like portraits and families). And we have made some really great friends for life. We are so blessed. But as all good things must evolve, we’ve decided to make some changes. We’re still your favorite same photo & video team but with some fun new adventures added.

Where It All Began…

We started BG Productions Photography and Videography as a DBA (“doing business as”) of Flat World Media Productions, a company Al started while he was in school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. As a wedding present, Al gave me my first DSLR. A Nikon d40! I had been doing photography for years with a film camera but at that time it was broken. (I rarely shoot with film anymore because it is not a very green processes). So I started rocking this little digital camera everywhere I went.

When Al proposed at Longwood Gardens I took this picture of a water lily. That’s really what sparked him to get me the Nikon as a present and inevitably what launched BG Productions. He saw the photos I was taking and the passion I had for photography. After seeing some photos I took on our honeymoon of a couple from England who had a small wedding on our dinner cruise, Al totally convinced me to do something with my talents. He just knew I was destined to turn that passion into a living!

water lil photo shot on film

We still have the water lily photo hanging framed in our home

So I put my first ad as a wedding photographer on Craigslist and made up a binder with a bunch of samples. I charged $600 dollars for the day. And I was totally honest about my lack of wedding photography except for friends and about the limit my equipment had. (People, please be honest about your experience level if providing a service!) And that first couple (Meg and Scott) took a chance on me. And then more and more awesome couples followed. Al and I combined after these first weddings to add video. Photos by Cat became BG Productions Photography and Videography. And what an amazing experience it’s been.

BG Productions earliest wedding couples

One of our earliest couples – Mike and Marcia. And we are STILL friends with them!! 10 years married this May! They live in Texas and we even visited with them when we were there 2 years ago.

Same Photo & Video Team / New Adventures hire a travel photographer

hire a photographer to go on vacation with you travel photographer

Travel photographer travel planner photos while traveling

egyptian wedding photographer travel photographer honeymoon

This is a cell phone photo from our most recent trip to Egypt

So What’s Changing?

Hold up a second… Where are we going with all this? You might be thinking that we are no longer doing weddings. But No Way! We love it way too much (aka love all of you too much). But we are changing our direction and finally after 11 years combining under one brand name Flat World Media Productions. BG Productions will become Flat World Weddings. Just like we have Flat World Travel. So really, it won’t make a difference to all you awesome people reading this. You’ll just call us something different and have more options that will take us all new places!

We have such a passion for weddings and travel – it’s our main two focuses in life right now. Soe are going to put some energy into combining that as part of our big changes too. We’re not making the switch over night, but instead slowing implementing some changes over the upcoming months. On the surface not much will be different. But behind the scenes we will be working on exciting things to bring all this together. Meanwhile you may see us use Flat World Weddings in combination with BG Productions Photography and Videography.

international wedding photographer and video muslim chinese wedding photos

Traveling wedding photographer cancun wedding photos

What Can You Expect?

We will be focusing more on Travel Weddings and Adventure Wedding. Also Elopements and expanding the amount of weddings our Lead Associate Team will take on as well! All the guys and gals that shoot with us and make us one big BG/Flat World family, you’ll be seeing much more of them!

A BIG addition we are offering now is adding a unique service: Honeymoon and Couple Travel Planning. A recent study shows that 1 in 4 couple’s don’t go on their “dream” honeymoon. There are many reasons but the biggest one is they don’t have the time or energy to plan an adventurous honeymoon while also planning their wedding. So they just do what so many others do and go to an all-inclusive beach resort. Then maybe return there year after year for their vacations. There’s nothing wrong with that of course.

But some people wish that they had done something different. Gone on their ‘dream” honeymoon instead. Well what if somebody did all the planning for you? That’s where we come in. I have been planning trips for ourselves, family and friends for years. We already have our travel blog that posts trips and travel tips as well as itineraries. Since we love it so much, we decided to add this to our list of services. For an small fee I will work with you to plan your ideal honeymoon or couples trip.

hire a photographer to travel with you and take photos Flat World

honeymoon photographer plan your trip and takes photos

Sounds Exciting! How Can I Get In On This?

Meanwhile, we are also looking for anyone who may want a shoot on some of our travels we already have planned. Think small vow renewal, anniversary shoot, Mess the Dress (not actually messing it up but an opportunity to wear your wedding dress again. Or a new dress in a cool location). Or even an engagement session somewhere exciting. We have some travel dates coming up and maybe you have a desire to come to one of these locations and spend a few hours getting amazing photos and video! If you need an excuse to travel ,here it is.
  • September – we will be in Italy. (This trip is more limited because we will be with family. But we have some available time in Venice, Florence and Rome)
  • November – Thailand. And this one is wide open!! We could come up with a REALLY cool plan together and spend a couple of days doing photos and video with you!
  • Have a trip already planned? Let me know because maybe its somewhere we want to go
  • We could even come on your honeymoon with you and capture the amazing times so you remember it forever. EVEN BETTER…. HIRE us to help you plan the Perfect honeymoon!!
  • Or lets plan the perfect get away Engagement Session. Wouldn’t it be cool to do an engagement session in Iceland or somewhere Awesome! Lets go!!

We would love to know your thoughts on our new exciting changes! Leave a comment below and tell us where you would like to travel with us. Or, contact us to get the ball rolling to plan your next SUPER FUN trip!!

Engagement session photographer travel to new desination