And we have the great joy of capturing you both! We can (and do) go on and on about how amazing our rockstar clients are, but we aren’t the only ones who appreciate y’alls beauty, style, and personality. It’s the ultimate compliment when outside bloggers and magazines choose our photos to share with the world, but it wouldn’t happen without YOU, our fantastic subjects. BG Rockstars have been featured in many posts over the years, but here’s a few of the latest. We feel like this week’s featured Rockstars really exemplify what we’re all about: a lot of fun, a bit of quirky, romantic without reservation, and living in the moment. Thank you so much for being as amazing as you are, throwing the best parties around, and inviting us to be a part of it.

Clever Wedding Ideas

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And that’s just this week! Many more of our favorite featured weddings can be seen on the As Seen In… page. Thanks again to our current and future BG Rockstars, may your wedding memories be as joyous as the day was!