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As part of our ongoing personal work BG Bully Family Project we will be posting a selection of photos from each session.  
We will also be donating 50% of Any sales that results from prints, wall art, or usb’s of full session to Pinups for Pitbulls to aid in the education of how Awesome these dogs are!! About the project….
We have a passion for rescue work and a passion for photographing people, places, and things and telling their story! So we are embarking on a personal project to help end the negative stereotypes of Bully Breed dogs!! We thought what better way then to show these beautiful dogs being loved on and loving the humans that saved them- especially those with children!! With the negative stereotypes people think these dogs aren’t good for homes with small kids! Well these families would disagree! We also wanted to showcase families that are also discriminated against and face stereotypes- people with tattoos! I LOVE photographing beautiful INK!!! and i LOVE LOVE dogs!! so follow along on our journey as we try to dispel a lot of myths!! As a Philadelphia pet photographer I wanted to capture some of the Bully Love that is all around!

We had such a great tine meeting Gabby and Brad and their 3 lovely dog daughters! Talk about a sweet couple and super sweet dogs, We really enjoyed just hanging out and talking with Gabby and Chris (who are getting married next May- Congrats!) Chris actually went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for video productions just like Al, so they had a lot in common to talk about. They live in the historic landmark of the Caleb Pusey Plantation- pretty cool little area.  And it provided a great back drop to their photos with the 3 awesome pitties!

This is what Gabby had to say about her furry kids….

We have three Bullies. Rogue, Mia and Morgan
Rogue and Mia are litter mates that are completely different in every way. Rogue is out going, loves loves kids, is dark brown and Brindle and is our most laid back dog. Rogue is most happy lounging on the couch with her sisters or sun bathing and of course snuggling with my niece Mackenzie ( who claims Rogue is her dog).  Mia on the other hand is red and white, very nervous about new people, new noises and doesn’t like being left alone. Mia Loves to run, if you give her the chance she will run non stop. She spends most of her time in her “princess chair” but open the door and she’ll be gone. Morgan ( half pitbull half beagle) is my adopted daughter that came in the house with my fiance, she is a rescue who was found in Maryland by a rescue called Response-a-bull, pregnant and suspected of being used as a  breeder for a dog fighting ring. Blending our family was difficult in the beginning. Morgan is dog selective, few dogs she loves but most dogs not so much, needless to say she was not excited about having two new sisters. Mia and Rogue are pretty independent and are happy just to be together and if we are there thats also nice, but Morgan is our lover. she wants to snuggle with any human that comes in the house after she checks you out! she loves attention and will happily give you her paw then roll over for a belly rub. Our three girls are inseparable! just the way I like it.
Why do you want to be a part of this project? 
I want to be apart of this project because I witness how fearful people are of them and to be honest it breaks my heart. I have examples of both one rescued, rehabilitated and just wanting to be loved and two that were raised from birth by a responsible pet parent and turned out great;if I do say so myself. I think it is time to revamp the medias perception of the Bully breed. 
We hope you enjoy this adorable BG Bully Family and the Pit Bull Photography
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