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One of the best things about working in the wedding industry in the Philadelphia region is all the amazing people we get to meet who are building their brilliant businesses, one happy couple at a time. We’ll be highlighting some of these wonderful folks with our new series: our Philadelphia vendor spotlight. And for this segment we would like to introduce Leona Davis from Forget me Knot Flowers.

I have had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Leona Davis about her company Forget Me Knot Flowers, located in Haddonfield New Jersey. As I learned more about this giving business, I am blown away at the kind venture that this woman has created. We met Leona at a Heart & Dash Lady Boss event. This is yet another group of individuals working to make our area a better place and who we just love. Upon meeting her and learning of her donation-based business, I just needed to know more. And I also want to inform others of her services so that it may grow and be even more successful. So take a look and see what she had to say about her business. And consider donating after your wedding or next major flower-worthy event.

Forget me Knot flowers donations save flowers from the trash

Tell us about Forget Me Knot Flowers; how do you describe what you do to folks who are entirely unfamiliar?

Describing what we do is very easy. People understand love, flowers, sharing and being less wasteful. Now put that all together and you have something that people ‘get’! At Forget Me Knot Flowers, we share the love by redesigning your flowers into bedside bouquets. And we tell your love story! We deliver them to patients, residents in hospitals and care facilities throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia. Because your wedding flowers still have so much ‘joy-creating’ potential!

How long has Forget Me Knot Flowers been in business and how did it come into being?

We were inspired by actually needing this type of service for our own daughter’s wedding this past May. She and her fiance? wanted to donate the flowers from their reception to a local nursing home. And after doing research in looking for an organization providing this service, nothing like this exists. We saw a need and a seed was planted. And in May of 2016, the first bouquet delivery was made for Forget Me Knot Flowers. Thank you to our newlyweds, Christina and Justin for your giving hearts.

Leola David delivers donated flowers from Forget Me Knot Flowers NJ

Tell us about yourself and your day-to-day with Forget Me Knot Flowers.

I love creating connections with people through simple but beautiful ideas. Whether it’s designing stationery, writing a handwritten note or starting a conversation with a stranger. I’m always starting with simplicity. In conversing with the residents and patients we meet along our journey of delivering bedside bouquets, the conversation often starts with the topic of love. “We’re delivering you these beautiful flowers, because You Are Loved”. Some of our bouquet tags actually state “You are loved” while others feature a love quote.< .p<

Where does your inspiration come from?

Keeping gestures simple and true from the heart, I think are my biggest inspirations. No grand gestures here, no marching band or confetti. Something as humanly basic as connecting with someone with a bouquet and a conversation is what Forget Me Knot Flowers is all about. And this is all through saving still-beautiful wedding flowers from the trash!

What keeps you passionate about what you do and what’s the best thing about your job?

Our recipients’ faces of smiles and surprise when they receive their floral bouquet, reminds us of how flowers bring joy. It is plain and simple. With that being said, it has been clinically proven that flowers improve the emotional health and well being of individuals, bringing encouragement and love. One of the comments we hear often is that a recipient was feeling blue and receiving flowers lifted them up. The feeling of gratitude is in their hearts and that lifts us up!

Donating used flowers from your wedding FOrget Me Knot Flowers Philadelphia

These flowers would have ended up in the trash. But instead Leola Davis from Forget Me Knot Flowers repurposes them and gives them a whole new life, to give them to others who normally would not receive such a sweet gift.

Do you only repurpose flowers from weddings / do you plan to expand to other flower-using occasions?

Repurposing flowers from funerals also is in the plan for 2017. We’d like to collect some of the flower arrangements from the church or funeral home before the director heads to the cemetery. We will restyle into small bouquets for the luncheon tables for family and friends who just lost a loved one to continue to enjoy and then they will take them home. Another idea for 2017 is to recycle our wedding flowers into wrist corsages for care facility ‘prom’ nights. Our little ladies would so love wearing our pretty flowers, taking them back to when they were 18!! And of course, we would love the support of corporations and their events as well.

Do you have any regular donators?

We do have a donor flower distribution center that donates flowers on a regular basis. This fills in the gap of a no-wedding weekend. I also think florists, grocers and flower farms would be very interested in donating their ‘left-over’ flowers, for restyling as well. We also have many friends of Forget Me Knot Flowers, that are keeping our shelves stocked with vases and containers that allow us to create new bouquets. People love our floral recycling idea and want to help be a part of this venture in any way they can.

Are you a one-woman operation or is there a team you work with?

More and more people are coming to our attention that want to be a part of Forget Me Knot Flowers. Either in the picking up after the wedding, or restyling of the flowers. Most people want to volunteer for the delivering and experience first hand the emotional connection one feels in doing this lovely deed. In reaching out to High School programs, we are finding young adults very interested in having a one-on-one personal moment with others and giving back.

Forget Me Knot Flowers new jersey BG Productions vendor spotlight

Just look at these happy recipients of these beautiful donated flowers by Forget Me Knot Flowers.

Are these any memorable moments that stick in your mind about your service that has touched others?

We are in awe of the very generous people that really get what we do. And I feel so blessed and grateful that they want to share their love and give back to others through their kind hearts and spirits. We recently met a young family at Ronald McDonald House in Philly. They were so surprised and excited to be receiving these beautiful and special wedding flowers. Our bride and groom wanted us to specifically deliver the bouquets to this facility. This young mother only wanted to discuss our organization, to learn more about it and how she could let others know of our giving and sharing. Our conversation took her mind off her family’s own situation for a few minutes and gave her hope of giving back as well. And that’s what this is all about. Her genuine interest and appreciation in our concept really touched my own heart.

What is your favorite part of being in the Philadelphia wedding industry?

Philly wedding industry professionals are the most caring creatives that we have ever met. When I announced and introduced Forget Me Knot Flowers at an industry event, I actually received applause. People are tired of seeing the waste. They were so happy to see that our wedding couples have an opportunity to give back in such a beautiful, touching way! And in a way that makes a difference in the lives of so many people.

Flowers put together by forget me knot flowers donated from wedding flowers

These are an example of what your donated flowers will become: a special gift to make others feel great and brighten up their day.


*All photos provided by Forget Me Knot Flowers*

Thank you Leona, for sharing ALL of this information with us! If you are interested in being a part of this WONDERFUL giving venture, please contact Forget Me Knot Flowers. We hope you enjoyed this vendor spotlight in our series. Stay tuned for more awesome local folks doing rad things in the coming months.