As part of our ongoing “BG Bully Family Project,” we will be posting a selection of photos from each session. We have also pledged to donated 50% of all sales that results from these sessions — prints, wall art, or usb’s of full session — to Pinups for Pitbulls to aid in public education for the protection of bully breed dogs.
We at BG Productions have a strong commitment to animal rescue work and a passion for photographing people, places, and things while telling their story. To reflect these passions, we are embarking on a personal project to help end the negative stereotypes of bully breed dogs. We thought there was no better way to further that mission than to show these beautiful dogs being loved on and loving the humans that saved them — especially with kids! The negative stereotypes some hold are challenged by these beautiful families with loyal bully pets. We also love to showcase “alternative” families that are sometimes discriminated against and often face stereotypes. We LOVE photographing beautiful ink! Couple that with our love of dogs and you’ve got a winner… Follow along on our journey as we try to dispel a lot of myths. As a Philadelphia pet photographer, I wanted to capture some of the Bully Love that is all around. Enjoy this FDR Skate Park Pit Bull Session.

It was so nice meeting Amy, Bryan, their adorable, rowdy boys, and, of course, Ribby and Lexi. Lexi has some stranger anxiety, but she did a wonderful job relaxing around me and letting me photograph her. And Ribby is just so sweet and chill. You can see that this family has a lot of love and a lot of fun. This is what Amy had to say…

In the spring of 2009, Bryan and Amy were dating and just signed a lease to share a house. They had discussed adopting a dog, but not until they returned from a planned week-long vacation in September. However in May, sucked them in and they soon found themselves inquiring about several dogs. At the end of a trying day in June, partially spent at the PSPCA shelter in North Philadelphia, they decided to cross the bridge to NJ to meet a dog about whom they had inquired with West Jersey Volunteers for Animals (WJVA). At the adoption event, they met “Tyson,” a mutt thought to be a combination of Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Akita, and/or Boxer. Because all of WJVA’s foster homes were full, Tyson was living in a private boarding kennel. When they pulled up, Tyson was flat out on the sidewalk, sound asleep, basking in the sun. He was snoring like it was the first peaceful nap he had had in months. They were told his paws were very sore from living on concrete and running through acidic urine puddles. He let them wake him up and walked with them to the grass. He let them check out his paws and get right in his face (to tell him how handsome he was, of course!). A week later, Tyson moved in, was renamed Ribby, and we never looked back.

A year and many dog park trips later, we decided that Ribby may also like to co-sign a lease with someone. Bryan and Amy had been volunteers with WJVA since adopting Ribby, so the plan was to just wait until the right dog found them. Buster the pit bull moved in September 2010, and he and Ribby even joined [their humans] on their honeymoon to Vermont that October. Ribby and Buster became best buddies very quickly. A hike to the top of Mt. Killington will bring anyone together! They were together almost every day until the family lost Buster to leukemia in September 2014. They welcomed a new cat and two human children. They were the first to perk up if the infants made a peep and Ribby knew the easiest way to check on a napping baby was to stand on the couch and peer into the pack and play. They happily obliged as stand-in pillows when the boys lounged on the couch and helped themselves to many (MANY) toddler snacks dropped from high chairs. When the family lost Buster, they decided to let Ribby find his new buddy by fostering homeless dogs until they found just the right dog.

In January, after fostering a few dogs for City of Elderly Love (COEL), an amazing rescue that works to keep older animals out of shelters, Amy was getting a bit antsy for a new “keeper.” They sought out a beautiful 8-year old brindle pit bull named Lexi. Lexi had been at Burlington County Animal Shelter in NJ for 5 months and was understandably getting pretty antsy. They took the crew (both two-legged and four-legged) to meet her, and she hopped right in the car when they decided she would at least become a COEL foster dog… if not a permanent resident. It took three days for Lexi to relax enough to lay down and chew a bone, but within about a few weeks, Lexi and Ribby were perma-playmates and Lexi officially changed her address with the post office. Today, the toddlers line up for slurpy kisses from Lexi before bedtime and she beats Ribby, Bryan and Amy to the couch for nighttime television binging.

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