Perspectives on Wedding Video Part 2 || Philadelphia Wedding Cinematography || BG Productions Photography and Videography

Earlier this week we sat down with Suzen who knew from the beginning that she wanted a videographer for her wedding.  I also caught up with Allyson, who unfortunately, realized too late in her planning process that they wanted wedding video as well.  I asked her about her experience and what should we change if she could go back.  Check out her answers!


When my husband and I were first planning our wedding, the first two things we did was book a venue and find a photographer. We were paying for the wedding ourselves so had to stay within a certain budget and when we met with Cat and Al, we had mentally reserved a certain amount of money towards photography and at that time, unfortunately vidoegraphy wasn’t in our budget plan.


I think after seeing Al’s work on the BG Productions Facebook site a few months after booking with them, made me wish we had requested video as well because each and every video looked amazing. I think at that point though, we unfortunately, had gone over our wedding budget and I couldn’t think of what we could cut back on to get video as well. It really hit me the day of the wedding though, the whole day went by so fast and my husband and I really wish we had also hired Al as our videographer as well because there is so much we missed at the reception and there are many memories of that day that we would both like to experience again. If there is one think I wish we had done, it would have been to hire a videographer as well when we booked with BG Productions and cut back on something else in our wedding, like flower bouquets or something like that. 


If I was able to go back, I think I would have cut back on or even cut out the flowers. I only purchased bouquets for myself and bridesmaids as well as boutonniere’s and corsages for the rest of the bridal party but that small amount did add up. I think if I had either made a bouquet of paper flowers or gone with a simple bouquet of carnations or something along those lines, it would have made a big difference in our wedding budget. The flowers looked beautiful, but I think for the price I would have much rather had video. Flowers wilt quickly but having video of our wedding day would have lasted us forever.


What would you change about your wedding day if you could go back? Let us know in the comments below!

Perspectives on Wedding Video Part 2 || Philadelphia Wedding Cinematography || BG Productions Photography and Videography