We discuss photography a lot on the BG blog; over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing the other side of our business – video! This week we spoke to Suzen about how she and Landry decided to hire BG Productions for video as well as photography.  Check out her thoughts below!
BG: When you started planning your wedding, what were the most important parts of it to you guys?
Suzen: Between the two of us, we had four different nationalities that we wanted to include and honor, so it was important for us to figure out how to celebrate our diversity.  We wanted to stick to our budget, so finding vendors with value and exceptional service were at the top of our list.  Photography, food, and music were the first three bookings we made.
BG: How did you know you wanted to hire a videographer?
S: We didn’t at first.  For the first year we had BG booked it was just for photography, but Cathie kept telling us how important video was and we kept seeing such great sneaks of other couples on their Facebook page.  We held off on adding video because of our budget, but when it came down to it we made it work because we realized how important capturing video of our wedding would be.
BG: What were you looking for in a videographer?  How did you start your search?
S: We never had to search because by the time we decided we wanted videography, we already had Cathie and Al booked.  But I will say that Al is incredibly talented, not only in how he captures video and edits it, but also with the music he chooses.  His choices matched us perfectly and really made the video ours.
BG: What advice would you give brides who are on the fence about having video as well as still photography?
S: Do it!  It may seem like an extra line on the budget before your wedding, but the day goes by so quickly and you can’t be everywhere at the same time.  Your video will capture people and parts of your day that you weren’t present for.  Also, at least for me, my memory of my wedding seems like a blur two years later, but all I have to do is pop the DVD in and all the details and emotions come right back to me.  I can’t imagine maintaining the memories and feel of my wedding day with only the photos.  The movement and music and laughter can only be caught on video.  I have our vows, our toast, and our dances and I can relive them any time I want.