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One of the best things about working in the wedding industry in the Philadelphia region is all the amazing people we get to meet who are building their brilliant businesses, one happy couple at a time. We’ll be highlighting some of these wonderful folks with our blog series: vendor spotlight! Today we will be chatting with Veronica from Pawfect For You, who offers Philadelphia pet wedding services. They are not only based in Philly but we are so happy the offer their services here. If you are a soon-to-be bride or groom and pet lover, consider having your pet a part of your special day! We will tell you how in this blog post. Thanks for joining us.

Philadelphia pet wedding services

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your role with Pawfect For You?

My name is Veronica Silva and I’m the President of Pawfect for You.  I currently manage the business from my home in New York, servicing the northeast from Boston to DC including Philadelphia. I work with our clients to determine the best plan for incorporating their beloved pets into their wedding day. We develop a timeline for the pet(s) and weave that timeline into the larger wedding day timeline. I also support our staff, so that they have all the information they need to deliver the best quality of service for our couples and their fur babies!

How do you describe what you do to folks who are entirely unfamiliar?

I usually start by saying “we bring pets to weddings.” That usually raises a brow. Then I go on to explain the issue that pet parents face on their wedding day. Nowadays couples will often date for years before getting married. In that time, they move in together, maybe buy a car or house together, and many get a pet together. That pet is their baby and by the time the wedding day comes, the pet has then been a big part of their lives as a couples.

Unfortunately, the people that they would typically rely on to help care for their pet on their wedding day (ie. parents, siblings, best friends) are all part of the wedding and often can’t get away to pick up the pet or make sure they are properly cared for during the day. That’s where Pawfect for You comes in! We not only provide transportation for pets on their parent’s wedding day. But we also help out with pictures, the ceremony, and whatever else is needed to make the wedding day complete!

How long has Pawfect For You been in business and how did it come into being?

Pawfect for You started in 2016, when I was planning my own wedding. I knew from the very beginning that our dog, JakeBear, needed to be included in our day, at least for some of the pictures. So I started to google services, but I couldn’t find any company that would bring him to the church and venue. A few of our friends said that they found the same problem when they were planning their weddings, so that’s when I knew I needed to start the business.

How far in advance do you recommend clients get in touch with you?

I generally recommend that clients contact us as soon as they start to formulate a timeline (about 6-9 months in advanced of their date). From there, we can help clients figure out if they’d like the pet to be a part of getting ready, first look, ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or introductions. Contacting us early gives us enough time to make sure a sitter is available and to plan out all the pet’s details. It also gives the couple enough time to discuss the various ways you can incorporate your pet into the wedding day. We always do a final coordination call about 2 weeks before the wedding day to finalize all those details, so even if the client contacts us a year in advance, we’re able to reserve a sitter for them and nail down all the plans closer to the wedding date.

Do you have a favorite wedding day story? (Something that went awry, out of this world DIY by the bride/groom, or even when a member of your staff went above and beyond to make the day.)

Oh gosh, each wedding is awesome in its own way and I can honestly say that the staff goes above and beyond each time! I’m amazed each weekend by the compliments we receive from our clients. If I had to pick a favorite, it would our first. A client came to me through, a pet-sitting app. At first, it was just a request to watch a dog overnight. As I started a conversation with the client, she told me it was her wedding day and that she really wanted her dog there, but couldn’t make it work out. With only a few weeks before the wedding, she needed to find overnight arrangements for her dog, since she would be at a hotel.

I told her about my business idea – that I wanted to start a company to bring pets to weddings on their owners’ wedding day, and asked if I could do a trial run with her. She really took a leap of faith with me, and I’m forever grateful she did. Not only did I feel great about being able to make her day complete, but I actually had fun doing it! She sent me the professional pictures right after, and I was able to use them to start my website and develop marketing materials.

What is your favorite part of being in the Philadelphia wedding industry?

For one, I’m particularly partial to Pennsylvania being that I graduated from Penn State in 2007. Every time I get a wedding from Philadelphia, I think about my time at Penn State and the people from I met there from the Philly area. It brings back wonderful memories! Philly is also an amazing metropolitan area, offering a range of wedding services. In addition, Philly is very pet friendly, so it’s a great place for us to operate!

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Here is Veronica’s inspiration – Jake Bear. Images by Joan Silghigian Photographer

We had so much fun learning about Pawfect For You! We have a number of clients who I know could have used this wedding pet service. And we will definitely be recommending Veronica and her amazing team in the future to our brides and grooms. When you hire us for your wedding photography and video, be sure to mention you need these wedding pet services!

If you are in the Philadelphia area, your can meet your staff that services your area! Say hello to Rachel, Giana and Marybeth (in that order).

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All images are real clients of Pawfect For You or provided from the Pawfect For You website