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So this is the second half of the blog posts that are focusing on how traditions have changed and morphed into a more modern practice.  We loved hearing your thoughts from the last blog, and would love to hear what you think about these changes!
The biggest change we see is the ‘bride can’t see the groom before the ceremony.’  Traditionally this was thought to be bad luck (and in arranged marriages where the couple had not met until the wedding day, this was so one party could not see the other and suddenly change their mind…OUCH!), but today, over half of our couples choose to do a ‘first see’ moment before their ceremony.  This practice first started due to time constraints at wedding venues, so it made sense to get photos taken prior to the ceremony.  However, this has morphed into one of the most anticipated and beautiful moments at weddings today.  Couples who choose to do the first see moment say they were able to really absorb the fact that this was their wedding day, take in that moment of first seeing their bride or groom, and were much more calm and able to relax and enjoy their ceremony.  (When couples are asked what they would do differently on their wedding day, couples who chose to wait for the ceremony to see each other often say they wish they had done a first see).
Another dying tradition is the bridal party dance.  It used to be that after the newlyweds had their first dance, the bridal party joined them on the dance floor, each dancing with whomever it was that they walked down the aisle with.  This tradition (along with the head table) became more awkward as more and more attendants were married and attending the wedding with a spouse, and also became impractical as bridal parties did not always match numbers on each side (a bride can have 6 bridesmaids while a groom has 3 attendants nowadays).  Now, bridal parties are simply invited to get on to the dance floor with their dates and open up the floor.
Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that we see at very few weddings now.  In today’s age, marriage does not signify the beginning of a woman’s life, so in past years, at the time of the announcement that it is time to toss the bouquet many women have found a way to conveniently make a bee line for the bathroom.  As fewer and fewer single ladies made their way to the dance floor and more and more bouquets hit the floor before somebody kindly and obligatorily picked it up, many couples have decided to simply skip this tradition.  Now you find couples giving the bouquet to the longest married couple in attendance to their reception, offering it to the eldest relative in attendance as a sign of love and respect, or having it dried and pressed as a memento.
Something else we see less and less of is the ‘Bride side/Groom side’ at a wedding.  Many couples today have been together for quite some time, and ‘share’ friends, so choosing a side is not really appropriate.  Additionally, couples today want this to be a day where all guests feel like family, so they want you to choose a seat, not a side!  Guests have shown a lot of support for this new practice, saying that it makes them introduce themselves to other guests early on in the day, and enjoying meeting new people.
What do you think?  Did you do any of these things are your wedding, or are you considering doing one? Please share!