Al and I have been planning to take a road trip out West for the past 2 years. Last year we just got so busy we didn’t make it. So this Winter we said “no matter What- we are doing this! We deserve to take a Real vacation!!!” So after a lot of research we settled on renting an RV from Cruise America (Even if it did have a Big Cruise America mural on it- turns out its a great conversation piece- everywhere we go people ask us about renting one).  We mapped out our route (which we changed the beginning part at last minute) and even added 2 more days just for traveling through to get us to the area we really wanted to be-making our trip 17 days.

Our first 2 days were spent with A LOT of driving and eating of snacks! We went through the long state of Pa, Ohio, WV, Indian, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma (did i forget anywhere- lol!!!). We stopped at all the “Welcome to  (Fill in the blank state) signs and took pictures of us and also of our traveling vessel- The Tardis. (for those of you who are wondering what’s up with that little blue police box I keep posting pictures of- look up Dr.  Who!!!) We couldn’t get the Welcome to Ohio (my home state) because the sign was on a bridge and not a great place to stop a 27 foot RV! We did get the leaving Ohio sign! and Oklahoma didn’t even have a sign (there was one at the Rt. 66 museum we stopped at though- so that sorta made up for it- lol!!)

We stopped and took pictures and video at all the sites and oddities we could find- and we have LOTS more to see! It was awesome seeing the Arch in St. Louis- as many times as I have passed it in my travels I never got to stop. That is one of the reasons for this trip. I have travelled the country several times- but haven’t really stopped to enjoy all the fun things along the way- and Al has travelled the route from Ft. Hood in Texas to Delaware  experienced the same lack of stopping to “smell the flowers”! We took our time making many stops along (and near) the old Rt. 66! In Missouri we stopped at (but they were closed) the Meramec Caverns and had our picture taken on the side of the road with the big Jesse James sign! We found a covered bridge and Al ate BBQ (I had the celery with peanut butter) in Greenup Missouri . And of course Bella- the Fabulous traveling dog got lots of pictures in front of the bridge!

We made it about 90 miles past Tulsa the 2nd night where we pulled into a travel center to sleep and in the morning went to Red Rock Canyon State Park- which was beautiful and we walked all around and Bella was a hit with a group of kindergartners on a field trip!!!.  She was a little shy at first when about 15 of them came running up to her- but she quickly settled into giving lots of kisses!!! We were on the road again heading toward our first KOA destination in Amarillo Texas- we stopped on the side of the road to capture these fields of something- they had all these yellow flowers and were as far as you could see! (I will give a dollar to anyone who can tell us what they are!!!) We then went on and off the old Rt. 66 stopping in Clinton Oklahoma at the Rt. 66 museum and then staying mostly on it almost to Amarillo.  There was rarely ever any other cars and we stopped for Bella to have a photoshoot! (there will be a separate post just for her!) We saw all these old gas stations- like the art deco one in Shamrock Texas and the historically preserved Phillips 66 station in Mc Lean (I swear this is the town Cars is based on!!!) The Texaco in Alanreed as well as some of the others old building aren’t in as good of shape. It is just so sad to see what the Interstate Bill did to all these small towns-Cars really sums up the effect!

We finally made it to our 1st KOA and hooking up to all the amenities! We made a wonderful dinner of panko tofu and noodles parmesan before we settled into editing and then bed! We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow at Cadillac Ranch and Roswell to search for Aliens. Hopefully we survived and I can post another days adventure……..