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As part of our ongoing personal work BG Bully Family Project we will be posting a selection of photos from each session.  
We will also be donating 50% of Any sales that results from prints, wall art, or usb’s of full session to Pinups for Pitbulls to aid in the education of how Awesome these dogs are!! About the project….We have a passion for rescue work and a passion for photographing people, places, and things and telling their story! So we are embarking on a personal project to help end the negative stereotypes of Bully Breed dogs!! We thought what better way then to show these beautiful dogs being loved on and loving the humans that saved them- especially those with children!! With the negative stereotypes people think these dogs aren’t good for homes with small kids! Well these families would disagree! We also wanted to showcase families that are also discriminated against and face stereotypes- people with tattoos! I LOVE photographing beautiful INK!!! and i LOVE LOVE dogs!! so follow along on our journey as we try to dispel a lot of myths!! As a Philadelphia pet photographer I wanted to capture some of the Bully Love that is all around!

Meet Kathleen and her human and Pittie family!!! Kathleen and her husband Tim,  (and friend Tara) own and run Ruff House Doggie Day camp in Marlton NJ. Add in her sister Sherry,  their 3 adorable kids and nephew and 4 super loveable dogs and you have a Fantastically fun BG Bully Family shoot! lol!!  What a sweet family. Their furry babies are Awesome! We spent some time letting them get to know us and get some of their energy out before I started shooting. I have definitely fallen in love with Low-Riders a d know soon we will just have to add one to our family of rescues! Have you ever tried to round up 3 adults, 4 kids, and 4 dogs AND get them all to face forward! lol!! Well out of 30+ shots we got 1!!! lol!! but that didnt mater- we got some great candids of them alone and with the kids- and that is the point of the whole project!

Here is what Kathleen had to say…

meet Matilda, Gus, Rebel, and Paco

Matilda- Black Cropped Female 8 years old. I got Matilda from the Trenton Animal Shelter when she was about a year old, I had seen her being showcased at an event and I fell in love with her. I told them to call me to foster her if she were in any danger. I got a call a few days later, I drove like a crazy person and got her an hour before she was to be euthanized. Well obviously fostering didn’t work out lol. She was my first pit bull type dog and she is an ambassador to her breed. She would give her life for my kids, I couldn’t ask for a better dog.
Gus- Blue pitted male 5 years old. A back yard breeder bred Gus mom, they apparently did not know what they were doing and she collapsed and needed to be taken to the er. My friend split the litter up into foster homes. I got him when he was 3 1/2 weeks old. The rest is history, he’s a silly boy who loves everyone, we love that silly boy!
Rebel- American Bully Low Rider male 3 years old. Rebel was surrendered to the shelter with a prolapse rectum, it had to be put back in 6 times. I was asked to foster him while he healed which was a long process due to it not holding. After many surgeries we finally got him better but in that time he bonded with us and I couldn’t give him up, he loves going to Doggie Daycamp and playing with his 2 and 4 legged friends.
Paco- Pit Mix 10 years old. Paco’s story is a tuff one, he lived outside in Camden with another dog who attacked him often. He was surrendered to the shelter where he was petrified. He was evaluated and deemed a “Potential bite case”. I got the call while he was literally on the table to be euthanized asking me to give him a chance to come around. I told them I could give him a week to detox because I couldn’t put my kids or dogs at risk. That was a year and a half ago. He is my 2 year old sons best friend, he is the sweetest old man you could ask for and I’m glad I had the opportunity to give him a chance.

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