For me, I always felt like fall was the start of the new year.  So much activity happens – kids starting school, sports seasons begin, and while I was growing up, it was always the time when everything got cleaned out (closets, drawers, cupboards).  We got rid of what we no longer needed, organized what we kept, and added what we now needed.  And my mother always bought picture frames, to add some photo to later (normally of me or my sisters in a play, playing an instrument, or cheering on a game).  Fall always meant picture time as well, as a new year of experiences began.

Which got me to thinking – fall is the perfect time for an updated family photo!

If you have little ones, they may be in new clothes for school or have team uniforms to wear (either in the family photo, or taken as a separate photo of just them).  They will have projects to get done for school, and these are GREAT photo opportunities as well (catching kids in action will capture their real spirit and interaction with siblings and/or parents, which will make amazing keepsakes).  Fall is also a fantastic backdrop.  Landscapes are full of changing colors, and cool temperatures generally means comfortable photo taking conditions.  Venture out to a backyard, nearby park or playground, and have fun!

Married but no kiddos?  You’re your own family, and deserve a family photo session too!  Wedding photos are fantastic and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with spending some time together (enjoying a favorite activity, walking through a special spot) and getting photos taken to update your walls and table frames.  Anniversary photos or ‘just because’ photo shoots are a lot of fun, and many couples say they have been an opportunity to slow down and reconnect.

Have pets?  Bring them in the photo! We all know they are part of the family too and deserve a nice frame and recognition for all they bring to a family.  Some of your favorite photos will be taken when you are all playing with the pet and not even looking at the camera.

Been putting off a family photo until you are happier with your skin/weight/wardrobe/money situation?  I urge you, don’t put it off.  I can look through photo albums where I skipped out on a photo because my hair was unruly, or my mother skipped out because she was not where she wanted to be figure wise, and it just leaves a big hole.  You have a beautiful family and life to be celebrated, captured, and remembered.  Get in the photo. Smile.  Enjoy the family you have and are creating.  Create the keepsake that will be looked at for years to come.  Your family will thank you, and you will thank yourself.

To life!