Mendenhall Inn Wedding || Proma + Ryan|| BG Productions Photography and Videography

Promo looked AMAZING in her stunning wedding dress. I loved the little little sleeves. and I loved seeing Ryan’s reaction when he first saw her. Always my favorite moment wether as a “first-see” or when walking down the aisle.  They smiled at each other through most of the ceremony and you could just tell how excite they were.  Their ceremony was vey sweet and in a super cute church. After the ceremony and some family photos we left the church to go the  Brandywine Battlefield for some fun bridal party pics! It was such a GORGEOUS day! Just look how cute two Proma and Ryan are together!

Finishing up we left for their reception at Mendenhall Inn and did a few photos there before their reception started.  The place looked great and her Aunt made them the Cutest cake toppers. Adorable! The party really kicked off when Lady GaGa came on- a clear favorite of the bride! lol It was awesome to see how these two families from different cultures totally interacted and had a blast together. I had a great time bopping around the dance floor capturing all the fun and even got down for a quick minute with one of her uncles (I think)! lol!!

We wish Proma and Ryan a long lifetime of fun and laughter and can’t wait to see some pics from their ceremony in India in December- remember we do Travel 😉

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