Meet Chingi || BG Team Member || Awesome Philadelphia Photographer and Videographer

I was the girl that ran barefoot through the sand most summers since age 8 with wanderlust in her eyes and adventure in her soul.  I wear flip flops 9 months out of the year, love pink cotton candy and sure, why not, I really do love long walks on the beach and the colors in the sky at sunset, hee hee.  After all, I am a dreamer by nature, a doer by nurture but always a romantic at heart.  As a photographer and filmmaker I am driven to approach your moments as if they are my own.  When I’m not hanging out and making magic with the BG family I can be found documenting moments as Head Treasure Hunter for my own studio while I complete plans for relocating my business to the sunny shores of Florida.
I’m still the girl that loves to run barefoot through the sand with wanderlust in her eyes and adventure in her soul, Just a simple girl who likes to sprinkle a little calm and happy whenever I can and wherever I go.  I also love brewing yummy, high octane beer, taking way too many selfie pics with my puppies and cooking, yes, the cooking and the eating, especially in the company of friends and family.  The moments that speak to me most often involve the interactions that occur in between the action at an event.  It’s in these moments that the story unfolds and these images reflecting the emotion of the day resonate with every fiber of my heart. Be forewarned.  I do have a split personality when it comes to shooting and although I adore chasing the moment, my other half just wants to play – she is a feisty lover of shaping light and she really just wants to make bad-ass images, starring you of course 😉


We are Super Stoked to have Chingi as part of the BG family this year!! We know it is going to be an Amazing year of storytelling!! While we will be sad when her relocation to Florida is complete we know she is going to catch the Sunshine state on fire with her passion and skills! Here are a few images to show how Awesome she is!!

So Give a warm welcome to Chingi! she will be a kick ass addition to the BG Team!!