Meet Brian Davidson- Video Guru! – Philadelphia Wedding Videographer

Growing up I always enjoyed capturing video on my dads old VCR camcorder. Soon making home videos became my thing. It wasn’t until I started to learn how to edit that I really got involved with the production aspect of both shooting and editing. I really enjoy piecing all the events of the day into a story. To create and capture a moment and turn it into more that just a moment became addicting.

In my personal time I like to cook and I am always looking to improve my skills. I used to be a very picky eater so I am making it my goal to try and cook all different types of foods. I have also become OBSESSED with chicken parm and do plan to chicken parm my way around the states and try it at every place possible!!!!!

While I don’t spend too much time watching TV, when I do you can bet it is something from the History Channel or some kind of cool astronomy show!!

But my FAVORITE thing to do…. I LOVE TO CRUISE !!!!  I am making it a goal to attempt to sail on every boat possible and to every island possible. I don’t know what it is about the open sea but it is absolutely a place where I find myself so happy to be.

Philadelphia Wedding Videographer