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We have Always taken a STRONG stand for marriage equality so today was such an Awesome day in PA. I hope soon it can stop being referred to as “same sex wedding” and just say “wedding”. But today no matter what it is called- Love wins! and we want to CELEBRATE with YOU!!! WE are offering 20% of all photo and video packages to anyone from the lgbtq community. This is good for ALL family and lifestyle sessions as well as ALL Wedding packages!!! (must be booked by July 30th!) email us at

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We are thrilled that all the couples that are part of the BG Family can legally  and equally share what Al and I share- marriage!! So being on the Party!!!      Here are the photos I took at the celebration rally at City Hall today- couldnt      stay the hole time but asked the couple we were meeting with if we could push  our meeting back a bit. It was super important to be there to celebrate this    historical moment. To see faces of friends and clients in the crowd and Know  how much this means to them. To see the struggles they have faced.  To see the joy on their faces. Congrats Love- you win this one!!

I sit and reflect how this could be me. If I had met Al in another era, or hadn’t met him at all. What do I mean??? In another time and day our marriage wouldn’t have been legal either- hell he could have been hung for it in some states. Or if I hadn’t met him and fallen in love with a woman instead. As someone who identifies as bi-sexual this easily could have happened. But 9 years ago it was he who stole my heart and we will be celebrating 7 years of marriage this June. I am glad that everyone in PA will have their marriages recognized too and hope one day everyone everywhere has this same privilege.  and scroll through the archives to see several same sex wedding samples!!