Al and i LOVED London. Just a little city across the pond!!! lol!! It was amazing to go to so many awesome places that have such a long history. We think a building 200 years old is “old” here in america!! HA!! that is nothing compared to the likes of London. We totally loved the London tower, London Bridge, and Westminster Abbey the most- but all the sights were really cool.  Of course we especially loved seeing all the locations in person that we have seen on Dr. Who over all the years and then going to the Who shop was AMAZING!!! and finding a T.A.R.D.I.S (ok a police box) at Earl Station stop was just so much fun!! Al bought LOTS of stuff at the Who shop while I saved my spending money for a new outfit from Harrods (London’s oldest department store!!) that place was so BIG!!! had several restaurants in it and an ice cream parlor- which of course we visited!! We spent so much time walking and walking all around the city and jumping on the Tube- now we are pros!!! Getting to see London from the London Eye provided such an AMAZING view of the whole city! I can defiantly see al and I retuning to London some day!