Lilah turns 5!! || BG Bully Project

We have a passion for rescue work and a passion for photographing people, places, and things and telling their story! So we are embarking on a personal project to help end the negative stereotypes of Bully Breed dogs!! We thought what better way then to show these beautiful dogs being loved on and loving the humans that saved them- especially those with children!! With the negative stereotypes people think these dogs aren’t good for homes with small kids! Well these families would disagree! As a Philadelphia pet photographer I wanted to capture some of the Bully Love that is all around!
 Lilah was the first dog we photographed for the BG bully project. you can see that post here! So when we heard the nursing home she visits as a therapy dog was having a party for her 5th birthday, well we knew we wanted to be there! The residents enjoyed our first visit so much that we had prints for each of them made. It was super cool to see those prints up in their rooms and as a memorial for one of the residents who has passed away. This time we wanted to take it a step further and not only took their picture with Lilah, but if they wanted we would take a photo of just them or whoever they wanted! It was so fun. Two sisters took their picture together and two best friends. We even met a married couple there and there were some visiting families that got into the action as well (we are waiting for all  their releases so we cant share them.) She had to show off her special birthday dress made by the  Activities Director to each of her admirers, who many came prepared with treats of their own. After all the visiting and picture taking, Lilah finally got to have her birthday cupcake and the residents ate cupcakes and birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  The yummy treats were backed by 3 sweet kids (their mom is the activities director). The whole day was awesome and we loved donating our time and making everyone their prints!

Here are just a few of all the awesomeness!!

BG Bully ProjectBG Bully ProjectBG Bully Project
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