Knowlton Mansion Wedding || Philadelphia Wedding Photographer || Katie + Justus || BG Productions

ITs not a Great wedding without a Great story!! Well this wedding had its fair share- but no Worries Kati and Justus- it is all safe with us!! lol Lets just say with this couple there was Never a dull moment!!! We had a blast with these two!!! and whats not to love about the beautiful setting Knowlton Mansion has to offer! While it was a bit windy and a little chilly, it was a beautiful Fall day!! and I LOVE Fall!! Their bridal party was small, made up of family and their ring bearer was Awesome!! He has some serious moves on the dance floor!! and so did Justus and his mom as they had a super great choreographed dance and then he had one with Katie too!! So fun!!

Everything looked great and the BG booth was a HUGE hit!! and a ton of props made their way out to the dance floor to keep the party fun!! Thanks Matt for holding down the BG Booth and nice to have Sosena with us for the day as we look at adding new BG team members!

We hope nothing but lots of fun, laughter and love to this Awesome BG couple!

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