Pinterest has become an inspirational social media site for all aspects of life, but especially wedding planning.  All of the  mason jars, flower arrangements, alternatives to flowers, brides with cowboy boots, brides with chuck taylors can get over whelming.  You start questioning what you actually want in your wedding.  You hate being outside but that simple outdoor ceremony shot with only 20 guests that you pinned looks great.  The downside, you have a gigantic family and can’t get your guest list under 150 without cutting crucial family members.

Sometimes brides show me pictures they’ve pinned with the bride and groom’s reflection in a puddle.  My answers is always “do you want it to rain on your wedding day?”  Pinterest is a great way to start planning your wedding and get broad ideas for things that you like, but don’t forget to think about what is actually important to you on your wedding day.  If you like natural and photojournalist style portraits, you are not going to like being posed for a shot of everyone gawking at your ring.

If you make your wedding ceremony and reception about what you two like, you’re going to love your pictures because you’ll see how happy you are in the pictures.  Every picture will bring back a good memory about the day.  If you enjoy crafting and DIY in every day life, you probably will enjoy doing it for your wedding day. But if glue guns and glitter give your anxiety, maybe you don’t want to go that route.

Over the next three weeks we’ll be interviewing vendors, brides, and grooms to talk about how they made their weddings their own.  Tune back in to see our expert advice about planning a wedding that is truly yours.  And please share any stories about what you did at your wedding below!