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A hot topic of conversation is client relationship with their photographer – and it totally should be! We at BG Productions think that client photographer relationship is the most important thing there is. Even if you have family photos taken every year and you are used to being in front of the camera, it’s so important to have a good relationship with your photographer. And that is OUR job, not yours to make sure that relationship is present. We say it all the time: when you hire BG Productions, you are getting a friend for life. We are here to answer your questions, make sure that your wedding day is as prefect as can be and be there for you all along the way. So, you may be asking…

What kind of relationship do you build with you clients? How do you get to know your clients?

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We will focus on wedding photography, because that is our end all be all purpose in life!! It all starts with the initial meeting. If a client is not local, we can make it work with a few Skype dates or something similar. But if at all possible, we want to meet you and we want you to meet us! These first meetings can be anywhere from 1-2 hours. It’s all about you and getting to know you. We want to hear about how you and your hubby met, any expectations you both have and what it is that makes you unique. Because that’s what we want to show in your wedding photos. Most of the time, we forget this is even a “consultation” because it feels more like hanging out with old friends! And isn’t that how it should be?

And you won’t only see us at your consultation and wedding day. We are there for:

  • Questionnaires – As I said before, we are planning your whole wedding day with you. Photography timeline at a wedding is equally as important as making sure your ceremony is just perfect. And that is because we want to advise the best time to do certain things (like ceremony, first look, family photos etc.) because of lighting at different times of day. We have to do our very best to make sure there is amble time for all of your must have photos.
  • Dinners out & game nights – Seriously, we really want to be your friends! If we are lined up to do photos and/or video for you or if we have in the past, you are part of the BG Family! We love having friends and family (yes YOU) over our home for a home cooked meal or maybe some Lord of the Rings trivia. Whatever floats your boat, let’s do it. Because when we show up to your wedding, yes we are working. But it should feel to you like your friend is there with their camera. (Except we are the professional photographer version of that of course).
  • Client appreciation party – Every year we host a Client Appreciation Party! Last years was our 7th annual party and you can see all about it here. Each year is a different theme and for last years we decided to have everyone bring a donation to an animal rescue. And if you’re reading this, you will seriously want to be at this years client party because it’s a big one and SUPER DUPER SPECIAL!

So if you are looking for genuine, warm and fun wedding photographers and videographers you have some to the right place. We want to meet you! And it can all start by you sending us a message here. It might just be the best decision you have ever made (besides deciding to marry your soon to be husband or wife)

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