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With March definitely coming in like a lion this year, many soon to be brides who have been considering March for their nuptials have been panicking and wondering if June is a safer bet.  My hope is that this blog post eases the minds of any potential March brides out there (and because I was a March bride, I speak from experience!).

Some points to consider about the benefits of March:
Yes, the weather can be tricky, but in all honesty, that is true for most months (April is typically rainy, making May muddy.  Summer months are hot, etc.).  March is a fairly safe month, with overall temps normally hovering around 40 degrees.  Grooms typically love this weather, as tuxes and/or full suits are hot. If temperatures are chilly, you can normally still duck outside for a few photos without freezing you or your bridal party into popsicles.  I personally was jealous of any bride who got married this weekend.  They got a March wedding that in photos looked like a winter wonderland.  Talk about gorgeous.
Flowers will start to become more reasonable in price starting in March, and the variety will be picking up too.  Winter is notorious for being difficult to get flowers, and even prices of daisies can become outlandish. However, with temperatures becoming more tepid in March, flowers are easier to grow and therefore less pricey.
You can pretty much get away with any color you want.  You are hovering on the edge of winter, so wedding colors that are typically used for winter (cranberry, slate gray, silver, and red, deep green and deep blue) are all still options for you.  However, you are just on the edge of spring, so colors that are typically associated with spring (pinks, yellows, pale greens, and all shades of purple) will be available to you as well.
Attire wise, January and February are fantastic wedding shopping months.  So, if your bridesmaids are buying dresses off the rack, they will find some fantastic deals (ditto for mothers of the bridal party!).  Grooms and Groomsmen may find suits at discounted prices as well, as men’s shops will be clearing their shelves for new inventory.  If you happen to be a bride who has waited to purchase her gown (which I do not advise…purchasing in January can mean panicked alterations), you will find yourself with a load of sample sale gowns to choose from at highly discounted prices.
If you are of Irish descent, or hey, just a big fan of St. Patricks Day, March is the perfect month to have a wedding with some St. Patrick touches.  Top your cake with a shamrock, serve some green beverages, and maybe carry this bouquet accepted by four leaf clovers:
BG Blog four leaf clover
March can also be a calmer time for wedding vendors.  With the wedding season not in full swing, they will have more time to meet with you in January and February for final details planning, and will be more accessible via phone and email.
So, don’t let this current weather pattern scare you completely! March has a lot of wonderful things going for it. And no matter what, with the right mind set, no matter what happens, your wedding day will be beautiful, because you are in love and getting married.