BG Productions Celebrates it’s 7th Annual Client Appreciation Party

I know I have said it before -but we Really do have the best wedding clients!!  BG Productions Photography and Videography has been blessed to have so many wonderful couples whose wedding imagery we captured and so often continue capturing them as their family grows. I can’t believe it is our Seventh Annual Client Appreciation Party already. People always ask us how to have the Best wedding clients, how to attract the type of clients they want to work with. I mentor a few photographers and this is almost always what we talk about.  I always tell them we are just blessed and so thankful. We really do believe it’s because our number one priority is building relationships with our clients. We honestly care about them and want to get to know them. I think being genuine with people is where it all begins.

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At one point during the client party yesterday I looked around and I wondered how we put into words what makes us different than most other wedding photographer and videographers in our area. there are so many other great photogs out there but we feel we are pretty different than most.  And as I walked through our house and then into our back deck and yard i looked around at all the different folks who came out yesterday I realized that what sets us apart is we honestly treat everybody love what we do and treat everyone like family. And I know that’s not what everybody is looking for in a  photographer or  videographer and that’s okay. There’s someone out there for everyone.


Al and I often talk about how we market what makes us unique and WHY should someone want to hire us. We were talking about it at the end of the night last night and we realized there just aren’t words for it. We struggle with how to “bottle it up and sell it”.  And it hits us- we AREN’T TRYING to sell anything!  It really is just who we are. We open our home every year to past and present clients. We eat, hang out, watch the past years wedding teasers, play with kids and carry around babies!! It’s always so great to see everyone. But for so many we are lucky enough to see quite often. We have lots of different gatherings and our house because we believe having a sense of community is important. And so often many of the people who are at our gatherings are  folks who we know because we captured their wedding day. And we think that’s just Awesome!! And I said this before too but it’s really cool to see our clients talking with each other. Some have been to almost every party so they get to really know each other.

We didn’t have the same turnout as we usually do as there seemed to be a plethora of kids parties also scheduled yesterday. But unfortunately it was the only Sunday we had available. It was great to see everybody who did make it out. And I think it was even cooler for those who came on their own because their spouse either had to work or was sick. And a special shout out to Lauren, Allyson and Suzen who even carted babies and small children along with them on their own. Not saying that moms don’t go places with their kids without their husbands all the time. But there was just something special about seeing folks make the effort to come over here without the other. And a special shout out to Chris too- he even came on his own not knowing for sure is his beautiful wife was going to be able to join him. Which I’m very glad that we got to see her too!!

Another incredible thing that makes our clients the best wedding clients ever is it’s a always seem to support causes we believe in. This year we wanted to make the party something special and donate to the fantastic rescue organization, Diamond in the Ruff. We asked folks to bring some much needed donated items with them to the party. And I can’t believe how much stuff we collected. We are so appreciative. Even beyond that many folks who couldn’t make it to the party sent in monetary donation to the organization. To the point that someone even asked yesterday if something Diamonds had done had gone viral because they were getting so many donations!! And were told “Nope- that’s just the awesome BG Clients!” I mean Really! That is just beyond our expectations.

best wedding clients

So how you ask do you get the best wedding clients?

  1. be genuine
  2. Build relationships not client databases
  3. Open your heart and in our case we open our home

I didn’t get out my camera but I did take a few phone photos (not even edited!!). I’m sorry I wasn’t able to capture everyone and everything. I was too busy enjoying everyone’s company.

Thank you again BG Family for being so awesome. Hope to see everyone next year and certainly before that!!

Also thanks to Winter LaMon for another amazing rice crispy treat cake. This year’s flavors were birthday cake, tutti-frutti, maple bourbon, we always have to have tutti-frutti and maple bourbon as they are our  favorites and We always get a surprise flavor every year. This year’s birthday cake was definitely a huge hit. Clients always appreciate the hot dog cart from The Gourmet Vendor. Hot dogs, soft pretzels, and lots of different ice cream’s. I don’t eat hot dogs but everybody else loves them and It’s a great way to free yourself up having to cook or grill the entire party. Al picked the chicken out from his new favorite local spot Foghorn and those amazing and delicious hand painted animal cookies are from Nutmeg Cake Design were to die for!! They’re so cute I didn’t even want to bite into it. But I’m glad I did because it tastes so good LOL!!

best wedding clients
best wedding clientsbest wedding clients

best wedding clients

best wedding clientsbest wedding clientsGourmet Vendor