Historic Woodlands Wedding || Katy + Chris || BG Productions || Philadelphia wedding photographer

Al and I have been capturing love and weddings for almost years. And Katy and Chris’s Woodland Mansion wedding is definitely one of our favs!! Thanks to a mutual friend they found BG Productions Photography and Videography and were psyched to have us capture their super laid back, romantic, cool wedding! And what a perfect day! Despite construction at their venue and some strong winds- it was all Perfect!! We LOVE Woodlands and we LOVE super chill weddings with no bridal party, small guest count, where the day is all about LOVE! don’t get us wrong- we love big ragging wedding day bashes as well- but this is really our style!

The whole wedding was vegan (including her shoes from an Etsy seller in Israel! and the catering by Black Orchid was Awesome! They didn’t have dancing but music playing in the background and a violinist to play for their ceremony. Salon Blush did Katy’s hair and makeup and she looked gorgeous in her dress from David’s Bridal. But the best part were the cupcakes!! YUM!! They came from Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC and tasted Amazing!! We Love shooting at Woodlands in Philadelphia.

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Historic Woodlands Philadelphia Wedding