Hidden Venue Gems of Philadelphia (and close by…) || Philadelphia Wedding Venues

We all know that Philly is a great place for a wedding. Seriously, where else can you get backgrounds of both country and city, green grass pastures and graffitied streets?  But while most of us know the bigger wedding venues that Philly offers, we want to make sure you know about the lesser know but equally awesome venues that Philadelphia has.

Woodlands Mansion –  In Philadelphia, this is a FANTASTIC old mansion nestled in the middle of trees.  Yes, there is a cemetery on the grounds as well, but it’s not as creepy as it sounds!  This mansion provides an amazing backdrop, multiple locations to hold your ceremony (front steps of the mansion, one of the ballrooms, or the back patio all are beautiful spaces) and it’s just far enough from the street to dull out any traffic noise.  It has plenty of room for you and your party to get dressed there if you choose.  We have had a ton of fun at this location, holding a stylized shoot there as well as shooting a wedding performed by Mayor Nutter.


Rolling Hill Park –  One of the lesser known parks along the Main Line, this park is FREE to host an event!  Just register your event with the township and the space is yours.  The park is big with several beautiful locations to choose from, including creek side, almost-covered-by-nature staircases and old stone houses from original homesteads.  No real rain back up area, so have a nearby plan B.
If you are big history buff, you need to check out the Thomas Leiper House in Wallingford, Pa (just about a 20 minute drive from Philadelphia).  One of the richest men in history, he had tobacco mills and quarries throughout Pennsylvania, and was responsible for providing stone to some of the historic buildings throughout Philadelphia still standing today.  He was also friends with Thomas Jefferson, among other powerful politicians of our past.  The property consists of the mansion, barn, carriage house, smokehouse, warehouse, and tenant’s house.  And if you are easily spooked, don’t head upstairs by yourself. It’s rumored to be haunted by several of the Leiper family…
If you are into history and archaeology, take a look at theUniversity of Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, .  You can get married amidts statues from mythology, or amidst Pharaohs and Mummies of Egypt!  They have spaces to accommodate small to large parties and get this, you can have a wedding there during the week starting at $500! It is a DEFINITE must see.
Enjoy your planning – and explore some things that are off the beaten path!