The BEST way for us to add new couples to the BG Family is from referrals from those whose weddings we have already done! We met Rachelle and John through Suzen. We shot Suzen and Landry’s wedding almost 3 years ago and have become great friends. (last year she was even one of Bella’s doggie nannies until her schedule got too busy).  We were thrilled to capture such a sweet and truly Heartfelt wedding!! Despite the very gray luminous rain clouds and sprinkles on and off- we got some Amazing images- but these two are so cute and in love- how could we not!!

The Rock Stars -Rachelle and John

The Venue– The Vandiver Inn in Harve De Grace

Florist- Richardson’s in Bel Air, MD, and Suzen out all the table flowers together.

Special thanks to the site coordinator at the Vandover Inn, Jo- she was AMAZING to work with!! Wish all venues wee so helpful and treated us so awesomely!! Thanks so much!! and a shout out to our second shooter Colleen- we are so sorry your car ran over tire treads on the way home. Just glad you are ok!!

Best Moments!!– SO SO many. But loved how Gorgeous Rachelle looked- just so stunning. and how much their love for each other is obvious every time they look at each other. John just beams! his dad’s service dog made the Perfect ring bearer-he actually carried the basket with the ring pillow! and those to flower girls. ADORABLE!!  But definitely the heart felt words their bridal party gave during their toasts. Her brother was so moved he could hardly begin! and her dad’s tears started during their first Dance and came out flowing again during the very tender father/daughter dance! Their ceremony was filled with tradition such as the veil ceremony, tying of the cords, and presenting the coins! This wedding just exemplifies why we LOVE what we do so much! A bridal party that is totally cooperative and on time. An adorably sweet couple, a great venue that looks awesome without having to bring in everything to make it look like a pinterest board, and LOVE! LOVE everywhere! We know Rachelle and John are going to have many many years of amazing moments and adventure together! Thank you for letting us capture this one!

And Please leave a comment saying your favorite photo and WHY and if they get at least 10 comments they will get the most popular one as a FREE 8×10 gift print! So show them some love and help them out!! and YES! We DO travel!!Maryland Wedding PhotographerBG1_0012BG1_0013BG1_0030BG1_0040BG1_0048BG1_0110BG1_0122BG1_0145-EditBG1_0156BG1_0179BG1_0186BG1_0224BG1_0236BG1_0249BG1_0259BG1_0284-Edit-EditBG1_0298BG1_0320BG1_0327BG1_0344BG1_0346BG1_0391BG1_0421BG1_0431BG1_0446BG1_0457BG1_0466BG1_0471BG1_0512BG1_0600BG1_0636BG1_0646BG1_0654BG1_0656BG1_0679BG1_0685BG1_0700BG1_0812BG1_0846BG1_0863BG1_0894BG1_0899BG1_0904BG1_0935BG1_0938BG1_0945BG1_0949BG1_0982BG1_0991BG1_1025BG1_1053BG1_1055BG1_1066BG1_1069BG1_1105BG1_1110BG1_1112BG1_1115BG1_1123BG1_1149BG1_1150BG1_1167BG1_1177BG1_1189BG1_1218BG1_1241BG1_1248BG1_1255BG1_1320BG1_1322BG1_1324BG1_1334BG1_1336BG1_1344BG1_1362BG1_1375BG1_1379BG1_1386BG1_1390BG1_1449BG1_1537BG1_1562BG1_1610BG1_1625BG1_1653BG1_1654BG1_1662BG1_1677BG1_1686BG1_1717BG1_1724BG1_1738BG1_1745BG1_1755BG1_9688BG1_9690BG1_9699BG1_9711BG1_9713BG1_9716BG1_9727BG1_9743BG1_9747BG1_9752BG1_9767BG1_9775BG1_9778BG1_9787BG1_9807BG1_9811BG1_9827BG1_9842BG1_9849BG1_9851BG1_9856BG1_9863BG1_9880BG1_9887BG1_9914BG1_9931BG1_9979BG1_9991BG1_9998DSC_0286DSC_0298DSC_0370DSC_5508DSC_5511DSC_5517DSC_5573DSC_5576DSC_5579DSC_5620DSC_5631DSC_5682DSC_5759DSC_5761DSC_5813DSC_5832DSC_5853DSC_5863DSC_5876DSC_9932DSC_9957DSC_9975