Happy Memorial day all!  We at BG hope you all have fun, celebratory plans for this weekend and get to take a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. We have been and will continue to be busy this weekend (as usual!), shooting weddings and capturing memories, spending time with our couples and their families, celebrating life and and all of the blessings we have, thanks to all the service men and women. (Did you know Al was in the Army?)

Memorial Day has become one of the biggest wedding weekends of the year, and for good reason.  Choosing Memorial Day weekend means giving your guests extra celebration and travel time, but this is not the only reason this date has become so popular. Many couples today have a military tie or history, and they would like to show tribute and respect to their family members and friends who have served. Such a wonderful idea…but many couples get stuck when trying to think of ways to incorporate the Memorial Day feel. We have seen many ideas in the past that have been simple to include; a tribute during vows by mentioning your loved ones who have served and lighting a candle in their memory is a lovely way to incorporate the meaning of Memorial Day into your wedding day, as well as creating a photo showcase of all family and friends who have served and/or are serving. One wedding asked all guests who were past or current service members to please stand and receive a round of applause for their service. Other ideas may take a bit more planning, but are definitely worth it:
Give your cake an American theme:
I am so awestruck by these cakes. Imagine the cake below as your centerpiece –
Memorial day Cake
Or your guests awe and surprise when their cake slice comes to them looking like this!
Memorial Day Cake 2
If this is a bit more elaborate than you were thinking for a cake, consider a simple cake topped by this adorable topper: (made by etsy of course, so you can create one with the theme that works for you!)
Mem cake topper
Another simple touch is lining your aisle with American Flags.  You can use the yard flags that press easily into the ground, or make them chair decor (if you prefer a fuller look, fill the bucket with some white or blue hydrangea, or red carnations:
American flag

You can always incorporate some red, white and blue into your bridal party as well. Put your gentlemen in blue suits with a red rose boutonniere, and pair it with your bridesmaids in an ensemble like this:
Mem wedding party
Table decor is a place to incorporate the theme as well; red, white and blue will look patriotic and still elegant:
Mem wedding table
However you choose to incorporate the theme, enjoy and have fun!  God Bless The USA!!