I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the winter blues!  Last weekend was a ray of hope that springtime was coming… but this weekend we’re hearing about a foot of snow on Monday! I can’t take it any more!  We’re looking forward to warm weather and wedding season at BG!  To keep you all thinking warm thoughts I thought I’d share some summer pictures with you all!  Vote for your favorite in the comments below!











1. This couple enjoying some cool ice cream on a hot day on the boardwalk











2. This strike of lightening on a hot summer night at the beach











3. This couple posing sweetly on a bench in front of the roaring ocean 











4. This wedding party laughing it up on the boardwalk











5. This couple enjoying the ocean view after they said their vows










6. This picture of Bella getting sprayed by the hose on Independence Day… because you can’t have too many pictures of Bella!


Share below which picture is your favorite – or what warm weather activity you’re looking forward to most!  I know I can’t wait for walks to the ice cream shop, laying on the beach, or playing in the waves.