I was recently shooting a family session and the mother told me it was the first time they had taken a family photo with a professional – not just a portrait studio at the mall.  I was thinking about it later, and that sentiment is something I want more families to discover!  Here at BG Productions we know that it’s not always feasible, or necessary, to have a professional family portrait taken every year, which is why we suggest that you gather your clan at the milestones or every couple of years.  You know, when the canvas above the fireplace starts to represent the babies you once had and not the children they’ve become.

With a BG family session you’ll walk away with beautiful pictures of your family, and a great memory of the day.  No backdrops and half smiles between tears here!  We’ll go to your home, your favorite park, your favorite ice cream shop, or anywhere else that will represent you!  The kids, and parents, will have time to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Of course we’ll get the shots of everyone smiling at the camera, but we’ll also get those moments in between.  The hugs, the smiles, the attitude from teenagers – we’ll get it all!

Your kids grow up fast, and you want to document their growth over the years.  But instead of settling for mediocre (at best) smiles in front of the backdrops, think about saving for something a little different every few years.