Looking for families (especially tattooed parents) who have a rescue Bully breed dog || Philly Photographer

I was so struck by the beauty of the photos in this series– (http://www.brimanphoto.com/tattoosandrescues)

and this one with vintage photos of pit bull “nannies” and the kids they protect!

Everyone knows I have a LOVE of rescue dogs (and if you haven’t met our Bella you are missing out!!). Al and I would love to do something locally here like this (and doesn’t just have to be people with tattoos-) . and would also LOVE to expand it to include your kids too. So many rescues are Pit Bulls (or from the Bull family like Bella) and people think they are too mean to be around kids. They get a bad rap- same thing often happens to people with tattoos!! I want to do a special project where we show the opposite of this! and show how all kinds of different people adopt Bully breeds.  SO not just Offbeat type families- we are LOOKING for all kinds of people!!!

We want to do the photos in a combo of peoples home, work, or an environment that YOU think represents you and your family. and we don’t want to do super posey portraits! We want to capture your true spirits! We will work with you on yoru wardrobe for the shoot and styling. this wont be your “typical” family picture!

This is for folks in the Philly area (or just over the bridge). For your time you will get 5 digital photos. This is a project that is near and dear to our hearts!! We want to use it to raise awareness to help end Breed Discrimination and ignorance.  and just show the fun side of pet rescue and all the VARIETY of people who rescue Bully breeds!!

send me an email to cathie.bgproductions@gmail.com with more info about you, your family, and your dog/s



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