Seriously: Every Business Website Needs Video Immediately!!

If you don’t have video on your website you are TOTALLY missing out!! Let our corporate side (flat World Media Productions) help you today!!

Why is having video so important for your website?

  1. Video tells your audience who you are and what sets your company apart!! It allows you to brand your company and this is vital in today’s market place. Video can show off the product or features you want while also showing off who you are. And if what you have to sell or offer can be a little complicating- this gives the viewer a more clear understanding of what you offer. This also allows you to share your brand personality! Lets face it- as small business owners we are just as much selling who we are!
  1. Video keeps your audience engaged. Nobody has time (or the desire) to read a whole bunch of text about Who you are. This is your chance to show your audience something creative and captivating about your business. This is your opportunity to pull them into what you have to offer. In two minutes or less of course!!
  1. Video is engaging! It is easier to show people what you have to offer therefore Persuading them to use you over your competition!! . Just listing your services is one dimensional. Using video is your chance to show off what your business or product can do.
  1. Video can reach SOOO many potential customers! Thanks to technology we have the power to reach so many more people. Thanks to Google it is easy to find the services people are looking for. And with sites like YouTube and Vimeo people can access information from anywhere, anytime. Make sure to create a company YouTube and Vimeo page!
  1. Video can improve your online presence! Its all out SEO these days!! Having video on your website keeps your potential customers on your page longer, learning more about you. According to several sources, a website with video is 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page (keeping in mind ho saturated is your market with like businesses)
  1. Video is fun! Really!! Video allows your personality to shine through. So make sure when you are ready to work with a video production company you pick one who fits your personality! If you want to show your fun, creative side- then don’t be just a talking head in front of a “green screen”. Get b-roll of you and your employees in action. Remember in todays world- we have to sell ourselves just as much as what we have to offer. Because really- people have multiple choices for where to bring their businesses these days.

Isn’t it time YOU stand our from your competition? Let us Help you with all your video and branding needs.


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