Engaged & Confused

This time of year often brings new engagements! We love to hear about Holiday Proposals as we enter the “Engagement Season”. Of course wedding proposals happen all year long, but with happiness and jolliness in the air, we find the number of proposals double or quadruple during the holidays! And it is quite a magical time of year. So if you are newly engaged (Congrats!!) you may be finding yourself wondering… How to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer for You? And Where Should I Get Married?

Engaged and confused how to hire the right wedding photographer in Philadelphia Vermont

How to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer for You

Well, you have definitely come to the right place!! We are BG Productions, the wedding professionals. Please feel free to poke around our website and learn all about us. But to give you a snippet of what we’re all about: we are a husband-and-wife photography and videography team and we have been doing this for 10 years and counting. In all honesty, we are probably the most FUN photo/video peeps you will find! You can ask ANY past client (read some of our reviews!), we all had a blast at all their weddings and we remain friends for life. It’s really something we pride ourselves on and it sets up apart from the rest (but so does our wedding photography and videography – our work pretty much speaks for itself). So how to do hire the right wedding photographer for you?

We already have a number of blog posts that can hopefully get you started in the right direction of planning. And tips to make your wedding day a success. First, set a date. Second, decide on your venue. Third, choose your photographer. And you will want to get on the planning train as soon as possible. Wedding venues can fill up on peak dates 2 years in advance. And professional wedding photographer typically book their weddings 1-2 years in advance (and closer to the 2 year mark). I know it might seem crazy to plan that far ahead. But that is the time frame that you’re working with. So let us help you!

Steps to Hire a Wedding Photographer

  1. Contact BG Productions – tell us your wedding date and location and we will see if we are available.
  2. Consultation – we want to know all about you and your soon-to-be husband or wife. So let’s get together! And if you are not local, we can plan a Skype date.
  3. Complete your contract, send in your deposit payment, fill out our questionnaire. Now that the formalities of paperwork are complete, we will send you a questionnaire to help us plan your perfect wedding day.
  4. Relax – because we’ve got you covered! Also, let’s plan your engagement session!

So, Where Should I Get Married?

Let’s take a step back and think about where you’d like to get married. You really do want to contact your top wedding venue choices ASAP to make sure your date is available. And no matter where you plan on getting married, BG Productions will follow you! We LOVE to travel (we even have a dedicated blog for that, check it out!) and we are not bound by location. Where we truly are willing to travel anywhere, Philadelphia and Vermont are our immediate wedding territories. We are based in Philadelphia and photograph many many weddings a year here. But we are also part-time based in Vermont, and our Vermont couples can enjoy our services with no travel fee. But that being said, we recently returned from a destination wedding in Riviera Maya. And we love exploring new locations, so let’s do this!

To help you on your wedding planning journey, we’re going to fill you in on a couple of our Favorite wedding venues. In the hundreds of Philadelphia wedding venues we’ve shot in, we’ve picked a current favorite! And we’ll also tell you our favorite wedding location in Vermont.

Ridgeland Mansion – Philadelphia Wedding Venue

This was really a tough one… there are so many amazing places for a wedding in Philadelphia. Inside, outside, city-feel, private estate, rustic farm, small and quaint. The possibilities are endless in the Philly area. So you have to think about what is important to the two of you and the overall vibe you want for your wedding. Our personal favorite and recommendation for a lovely wedding in Philadelphia is Ridgeland Mansion. Ridgeland Mansion is “new” in the wedding biz, is by no means a new establishment; it is a historic structure in West Fairmount Park that recently took on a new life when Joshua’s Catering in partnership with Open Aire Affairs took over last year to make it a premiere destination for Philadelphia weddings.

And there’s just something about it that makes this venue so special. It’s right in the city but it’s cute, natural feeling and small but with lots of amazing opportunities for photos. Joshua’s Catering is amazing to work with. I really believe in all vendors working together as a team to make the perfect wedding day no matter where it is. And when you have both us and Joshua’s Catering on your side, you’re in good hands. We even did a Vendor Spotlight on the folks over at Ridgeland Mansion if you want to learn more about them. Stef and Pat were one of our recent couples who were married here, so check out some of their photos.

Also, we are offering a current discount promotion: take 10% off your wedding package if you’re getting married at Ridgeland Mansion or at Awbury Arboretum (We also LOVE it there too!!) All you have to do is mention the discount when booking.

How to fine the right wedding photographer Ridgeland mansion BG Productions

Best wedding spots in Philadelpai Ridgeland Mansion Engaged

Engaged how to hire the right wedding photographer BG Productions

Where to get married in Philadelphia Ridgeland Mansion BG Productions

Vermont – A Perfect Place for a Wedding

Wow, Vermont! Where do I begin? Every square-foot of Vermont is beautiful. You could get married in a field or in the middle of the woods and guess what, your wedding is probably going to be perfect. We would love to explore every town and every Vermont wedding venue so believe me, we’re waiting to hear from you! One area that is particularly amazing is Manchester, VT and the surrounding areas. It’s a perfect place for a Vermont wedding!

One of our favorite spots for wedding photography in Vermont is The Barn Restaurant & Tavern in Pawlet. We had the pleasure of capturing Maria and Jose‘s special day here, in all it’s rustic awesome-ness. And an awesome place to go for wedding photos is the Marble House, located not too far away. Here you will find some really cook backdrops for bride and groom portraits, family photos and think about the possibilities for wedding party photos too!

And guess what, we’ve extended our 10% off discount to any wedding booked in Vermont!!

The Barn Restaurant Vermont wedding photos BG Producitons

The Barn restaurant and tavern wedding venue in Vermont BG Productions

Engaged How to hire the right wedding phootgrapher in Vermont BG Productions

Places in Vermont to do wedding photos the Marble House BG Productions

Wedding photos at the Marble House Vermont wedding photographer BG Producitons

Have you found and amazing wedding venues in Vermont? Please leave us a comment below and let us know. Because you deserve the wedding photography dream team with us and your dream venue! Thanks for stopping by. We can’t wait to hear from you.