Elopement Photography Giveaway – Destination Wedding Photos of your Dreams || Flat World Weddings

Are you wondering how to get the destination wedding photos of your dreams? Flat World Weddings and BG Productions is having an Elopement photography giveaway!!

All great things change and evolve over time. We recently announced our photography and videography rebranding. Our wedding company BG Productions will be joining our Flat World brands and focusing a whole lot more on travel. We travel nationally and internationally many times every year for a lot of different projects. So what better thing to do than to branch out into destination weddings, elopements in exciting places and working more with brides and grooms in other countries.

elopement photography giveaway destination wedding photos travel wedding photographer

elopement photography giveaway destination wedding photos travel wedding photographer

Exclusive Instagram Giveaway

We’ve been hosting an exclusive Instagram giveaway for FREE elopement or destination wedding photography. Literally anyone in the world can enter. AND we decided to extend our giveaway to July 15th! We’ve already received a number of amazing entries and we want to give some others a chance to get in on this exciting opportunity before we close the giveaway and pick our winner.

Who is this giveaway for?

Any person getting married or eloping in 2018 or 2019. You can live in the US and have plans for tying the knot in a really cool place (in this country or not!). Or you can be a bride or groom (to be) located anywhere outside the US and be getting  married in your home country (or somewhere else!)

Who will win?

We’re seeking the most amazing locations for a wedding or elopement. Surround yourselves with every person you love on your special day. Or just sneak away with just your special person (and us!) to make it official you’re spending the rest of your lives together. Either way, enter our giveaway for a chance to have the memories captured  without the added cost.

Why are you offering this giveaway?

We are broadcasting this super fun elopement photography giveaway to anyone who wants to destination wedding photos of their dreams. Our main passions in life is Love and Travel. Put those things together and we want to share our passions with you!

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elopement photography giveaway destination wedding photos travel wedding photographer

So how do I enter already?

Thanks for asking! Head over to see us on Instagram – it’s all happening over there. Here’s what you’ll need to do :

  1. First follow our 3 brands on IG – Flat World Travel, Flat World Media and BG Productions (soon to be Flat World Weddings).
  2. Tag a friend you want to take with you for your elopement. Look for any of our giveaway posts and tag a friend there. Like this post, or this one, or maybe even this one. Or look for a newer one, they’re easy to spot – any photo with text. (Or tag friends who are getting married or maybe even just in a relationship because maybe you’ll prompt a proposal!) Help us spread the word.
  3. Finally – DM us on Instagram. Send us your wedding story. Where are you planning to get married? Will it be on the shores of Ireland, a beach in Thailand, in the mountains of Utah. Fill us in on details about your wedding and it’s amazing location. And why should you win? Please be aware that Instagram limits how long a direct message can be. We know that so don’t worry. If you have to send it in 3 messages that’s totally fine!

Before you go, leave a comment here telling us you’re entering! Or that you sent the info on how to enter to a friend. We will send you a personalized thank you note 🙂