Don’t Forget The Grooms Attire! || BG Productions- Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

So often the grooms attire is one of the last things to be paid attention to.  It is understandable, the bride is consumed with decisions on gown, bridesmaid attire, flowers, music, etc., and often the grooms attire is at the bottom of the list.  However, this should not be!  The groom and all of his groomsmen will be in many many photos as well, and well fitting tuxes and suits take awhile to secure…don’t wait until 2 months prior to try to get it done!

That being said, a few things to think about when selecting the grooms attire:

Tuxes will always look nice in your photos if you stick with a classic cut and color.  If you want to match to the bridesmaids attire, make sure you either work with a tuxedo rental company that contracts with the bridesmaid gown supplier so colors actually match, or supply the fabric yourself and have the corresponding tie and cummerbund or vest made)

Fitted suits will look even better than a rented tux.  No matter how much the tux company works to fit the suit, a truly fitted suit looks great on a groom and will be tailored to move with him all day.  Stick with a black or navy, and the groom and groomsmen will wear it again (not to mention you will be doing your groomsmen a favor…it’s a fair bet they haven’t got a fitted suit in their closet, and they could all use it!)

If your wedding theme is more casual, casual attire (think khaki color suit, just button down with pants and matching jacket, or just suit pants, button down and tie) are fine. Just ask the groom and groomsmen to bring a second shirt…chances are good that sweating will occur during preceremony photos, and they will need a fresh one (and lighter jackets won’t do the job of hiding sweat stains).

Put this on the list of ‘to do’s’ fairly early in the process (I suggest right after the bride selects her gown) and both bride and groom will look stunning throughout the day!

(See the photo below – fitted suit that moves with the groom and allows him to look and feel great all day!)